4 Ways to Future-proof Your Parking Operation

Future Proofing Parking

Think about the progress and technological innovations in the parking industry in the last decade. Some trends were in line with industry predictions andprogress, some were more of a challenge to innovation and ingenuity. One thing is certain—successful parking operations plan for the future, exploring strategies for growth while considering foreseeable challenges. T2 Systems, amongst other industry leaders, utilizes decades of experience and wisdom to forecast future trends and challenges. T2 is here to help you plan for success with four ways you can future-proof your operation.

Maximize Space Utilization 

Parking space availability will continue to decrease as the population increases, ownership of electric vehicles rises, and mass transit evolves. Successful parking management operations plan to maximize space in a future where there may not be any more room or budget for physical expansion. Future-focused parking management operations plan for space shortage and rising land costs through the adoption of innovative strategies that maximize turnover. One such strategy is time-based parking. 

With time-based parking, customers park during specific times on dates that they select. Time-based parking frees up a stall for other customers to use at staggered time intervals on any given day. Adoption of time-based parking and other strategies that optimize physical space availability increases the likelihood that your operation can adapt to an evolving landscape. 

Automated car lift systems (stackers) are another growing trend for maximizing facility space and minimizing the size requirements of new parking facilities, freeing up land for other purposes.  Semi and fully-automatic parking systems (APS) are being used increasingly in residential metropolitan areas worldwide. 

Center User Experience & Convenience 

Parking facilities that plan for the future should remain focused on providing a positive customer experience. Facility innovations and parking management advances will not keep a facility profitable if customers don’t want to park there.  Frictionless parking, real-time signage, mobile payments, and online self-service portals are all innovations that make life easier and safer for patrons. These features will soon be the standard for parking facilities. Future-proofing involves remaining focused on offering a positive customer experience and making it as easy as possible to park as personal technology advances. T2 makes it easy for our customers to support the needs of their patrons by providing innovations that center a convenient, hassle-free parking experience. 

Simplify Processes to Improve Efficiency and Satisfaction 

In an ever-evolving industry, more and more parking providers are adopting cloud-based, real-time operations management systems. Systems built for scalability and flexibility ensure operation management remains effective and efficient as your operation grows. Parking management software development will continue moving toward the goal of the unification of all separate, critical systems and integrations. This unification will enhance integrity and user-friendliness, ultimately maximizing operational efficiency while creating greater value and satisfaction for patrons.   

Implement Environmental Sustainability Practices 

There are many environmental sustainability actions that facilities can start today, such as going paperless or investing in more energy-efficient lighting.  More and more parking facilities are going gateless with license plate recognition (LPR) video cameras, reducing vehicle idling time and thereby decreasing carbon emissions. Looking to the future, with more stringent carbon emissions and electric vehicle regulations, future-focused parking operations are making room in current and future facilities for charging stations, as well as utilizing real-time signage and guidance apps to reduce vehicle idling time.  

As mass transit and alternative transportation grow in popularity, future-proofing includes adapting to evolving modes of transportation that reduce the carbon footprint. With the reduction of personal vehicles and increasing work-from-home options, areas of parking structures will continue to evolve. 

T2 is dedicated to working alongside you on your journey. We’re dedicated to staying ahead of the curve by providing innovative solutions that help you thrive—today and into the future. T2 Systems is dedicated to advancing together. 



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June 26, 2023