Permits & Enforcement

Parking permit and enforcement solutions built to realize your organizational strategies.

Suitable Solutions for Parking Permit Management & Enforcement

The depth and breadth of our permit and parking enforcement solutions are unmatched: we offer dozens of out-of-the-box and tailored permit and parking options for departments of any size and of varying complexity, allowing you to find just the right setup for your operation.

With T2’s powerful PE solutions, you have options to streamline curbside utilization, increase compliance, and bring the curb back under control – the way you want.

T2 Permits and Enforcement Solutions

T2 Flex Platform

The T2 Flex® Permit Management and Enforcement (PE) solution, our comprehensive flagship platform for real-time permit management and parking enforcement, is powered by the industry’s most robust, configurable parking operations software. With the flexibility to adapt to your future operational needs, employing numerous easy-to-use settings, and a structure that allows your patrons to pay and appeal citations, T2 Flex delivers a solution that fully supports your curb management and organizational strategies. Plus, this solution is hosted, which ensures that you are always connected to a reliable and secure infrastructure and protected from external cyber threats and data loss.

UPsafety Platform

The UPsafety Parking Enforcement and Permit Management (PE) solution by T2 is the ideal platform for addressing the disparate needs of small- to mid-size parking operations, like those emerging in towns along Main Street, USA, and across many campuses with unique programs. Our UPsafety PE solution offers a fully automated and customized permitting and parking enforcement platform that is continually engineered to maximize efficiency, revenue and collections, and parking compliance. With streamlined processes that include easy citation and permit issuance and processing, seamless ALPR, pay-to-park, and boot and tow integrations, and real-time reporting and analytics, we empower our customers with choices that demonstrably exceed their parking and mobility goals.

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