A parking access and revenue control system that gives you the power. 

Propel Forward with PARCS

Whether you are looking to expand your existing Flex Permits and Enforcement solution or upgrade an outdated Parking Access and Revenue Control System, you can move forward with confidence knowing that over 125 T2 customers are successfully using PARCS solutions to manage 2,000+ PARCS lanes and process hundreds of millions of dollars in transaction revenue.

T2 Flex® Software for PARCS

Your T2 PARCS solution is powered by T2 Flex®, the parking industry’s original and premier hosted parking management software.

Flex is highly configurable, flexible, and expandable. You can easily activate PARCS on your existing Flex Permits and Enforcement solution and add an unlimited number of facilities and lanes without any additional servers or software. And whether you process permit holders, transient parkers, validations, or any other number of patrons, T2 Flex helps you manage their parking experience from start to finish from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

“In the three years I’ve been here, there’s been a handful of times where we had Flex outages. When you compare that to some of the headaches you have with other vendor systems, it’s pretty refreshing. You don’t really think about it, because it’s just working all the time.”

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Flex® Implementations

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Flex Uptime

Expand Your Solution

T2 Flex is most commonly known as the industry-leading permit management and enforcement software platform. T2 customers that use Flex to manage their permits and enforcement have access to the
following capabilities:

  •  Highly configurable permit management options
  • Streamlined enforcement and citation management
  • Access to real-time data for in-depth operations management
  •  Comprehensive suite of standard and customizable reports

However, Flex also includes state-of-the-art PARCS capabilities, which current Flex customers can update within their existing Flex software. In fact, PARCS is already built into every Flex instance, and to start the process all T2 needs to do is enable and configure the PARCS functionality. Simply pay a nominal Flex fee and install T2 Logan PARCS hardware, and you unlock the following functionality:

  • Complete control over who is parking in your facilities
  • Wide array of revenue control options
  • Hassle-free and configurable validations
  • Remote management of every aspect of your facilities

T2 Logan™ PARCS Hardware

T2 Logan is our next generation of PARCS, which communicates with T2 Flex® to give you complete control of your operation. It is designed specifically for all gated parking solutions in vertical markets such as airports, healthcare, municipalities, property management, and universities. This powerful line of PARCS hardware is highly configurable, giving you a wide variety of options for access credentials, ticket processing, payment methods, and more. Logan is engineered for long life, with heavy gauge aluminum and steel housing that holds up in any climate. Plus, with full offline functionality, you never have to worry about your system going down.

T2 Logan PARCS Hardware

Optimize Your Solution

T2 FlexPort

T2 FlexPort offers your parking patrons a modern and mobile-friendly portal they can use to manage their parking account. Through the FlexPort system, your patrons can purchase parking permits, update their personal information, and renew their permits online, eliminating long lines at the parking office and reducing the burden on your staff. It also enables you to extend validations to external organizations, such as local businesses and merchants. Plus, FlexPort integrates seamlessly with Flex, ensuring that your operation is unified.

T2 Fixed LPR Solution

T2’s Fixed License Plate Recognition solution combines hardware and software to provide enhanced access and revenue control while improving the overall customer experience for your parking patrons. This fully integrated solution leverages the industry-proven Flex platform with LPR equipment to automatically link license plates for both access and transient transactions and calculate parking fees based on the license plate. Fixed LPR prevents both access and revenue fraud, addresses lost ticket and switched ticket scenarios, and provides staff with real-time information to address security queries.

T2 FlexVal™ Mobile

T2 FlexVal Mobile is a reliable mobile validation solution that reduces equipment requirements and allows third parties to self-manage validation requests and quickly and easily validate customer parking. Developed from the proven T2 FlexVal solution, this mobile version works on any device with a browser and internet connection – no app downloads required – and can be deployed as a self-service kiosk or at information/help desks. FlexVal Mobile is a value-added enhancement for operations using or considering T2 LoganTM PARCS hardware with barcode technology. When paired together, this comprehensive solution delivers a premier validation experience.

T2 Managed Payments

T2 Managed Payments is a Merchant of Record offering for PARCS facilities that accept credit card payments. Combined with T2 Network Managed Services, T2 Managed Payments addresses all your PCI-DSS technical requirements, significantly  reducing your PCI compliance burden and associated costs.

T2 SecurePay™

T2 SecurePay provides an industry-leading layer of card data security to your T2 Logan hardware. T2 SecurePay uses PCI validated Point-to-Point Encryption (PCI P2PE)–the highest level of encryption technology–to ensure that no cardholder data is exposed during the payment transaction.

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