T2 Velocity

An all-in-one, gateless parking system for a frictionless parking future.

Frictionless Parking at the Speed of Life

For small and mid-sized municipalities, T2 Velocity provides frictionless access and revenue control by combining LPR, transient payments, permits, enforcement, and collections into a single, integrated, gateless system.

T2 Velocity lives up to the meaning of its name. Utilizing the latest LPR technology, contactless payment options, and our leading permit and enforcement software, Velocity is a force multiplier for municipal parking operations to increase compliance, improve enforcement efficiency, automate the citation lifecycle, and make data-driven decisions. All while significantly decreasing capital expenses and improving entry and exit times compared to traditional gated solutions.

What Makes T2 Velocity Different?

All-in-One Solution

A single, integrated system for LPR, transient payments, permits, enforcement, and collections.

Simple, Easy-to-Use Payment Options

Provide parkers with multiple contactless payment options – EMV-enabled T2 Luke Pay Stations or the browser-based T2 MobilePay platform.

Continuous Monitoring for Optimized Enforcement

Monitor payments and enforcement activities in real time and choose between automated (post-exit) and directed (real-time) enforcement options.

Lower Capital Investment & Maintenance Costs

Minimal hardware required – just an LPR camera for each lane and an on-site server, plus optional pay stations.

Robust Third-Party Integrations

If you already have pay stations or mobile payments in place, T2 Velocity integrates with many leading third-party providers. 

Real-Time Data and Reporting

Access real-time data from every area of your business – occupancy, dwell time/duration of stay, parking transaction type, and more.

How it Works

T2 Velocity Gateless Parking Solution

What’s Included

Fixed LPR Cameras

Fixed LPR cameras capture and record the license plate number and time on entry and exit. The data is sent to the back-end UPsafety platform, where permits are identified, scofflaws are flagged, and transactions and grace periods are monitored.

UPsafety Software Platform

T2 Velocity dashboards on the UPsafety parking software platform

The best-in-class UPsafety platform combines mobile enforcement, virtual permitting, registered owner lookups, and online payment portal with real-time data and reporting to ensure you have everything you need to keep your facilities running efficiently.

For directed, real-time enforcement, the back-end cloud monitors LPR data and notifies officers of violations on their handheld devices.

For automated, post-exit enforcement, registered owner lookups are conducted and violation notices are automatically mailed out.

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T2 Luke Pay Stations And/Or T2 MobilePay

Contactless payments with T2 MobilePay

Choose one or both of these user-friendly payment options for your facilities. Our pay stations are known for legendary quality and easy maintenance, while our browser-based MobilePay solution gives you complete and total control of your mobile payments.

Or, if you already have pay stations or mobile payments in place, T2 Velocity integrates with many leading third-party providers.

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Optional: T2 Citation Services

T2 Citation Services is a full-service, certified collection administration solution that allows your operation to increase revenue and create operational efficiency. By deploying our tested and trusted processes, you and your team can focus on other areas of your operation, knowing that your outstanding citations are being taken care of by the best in the industry.

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