UPsafety PE Software by T2

Permits & Enforcement

Complete parking enforcement and permit management software tailored to your smaller-scale operation.

Enforcement Software Built for Your Parking Operation

UPsafety Parking Enforcement and Permit Management (PE) software by T2 is built to solve the unique challenges smaller municipal and university parking operations face today, providing every required feature that will ensure your department becomes more effective and efficient – exactly the way you want.

With an intuitive mobile ticketing front end, a robust Cloud-based backend, and a customizable online portal for citation payments and permit purchases all operating in real-time, the UPsafety PE solution allows your operation to always know where your compliance and revenue-generating programs stand.

Finally, a powerful and effective modern parking enforcement and permit management solution continually engineered for small to mid-size operations like yours is within reach.

Parking Patrol with UPsafety

Parking Enforcement

Our all-in-one UPsafety PE solution provides unprecedented efficiency when it comes to parking enforcement and permit issuance for municipalities, parking authorities, universities, hospitals, and private properties. It’s continually engineered to drive value for parking professionals and operations, always tailored to fit your department’s specific needs.

“What’s not said enough is how powerful UPsafety’s software can be to manage complex circumstances like those confronted by our city, daily.”
Executive Director

Allentown Parking Authority

UPsafety Mobile Enforcement Software

Mobile Enforcement

Our intuitive software is loaded with features and functionality designed to allow your officers to issue tickets accurately and efficiently, all in 20 seconds or less.

Time Vehicle Stays Electronically

Ensure maximum efficiency when chalking many vehicles at once with our streamlined, customizable process, without the use of notepads, bending, or physical contact.

Enforce Parking within Paid Zones

Accurate, real-time data for kiosk and pay-to-park violations is delivered directly into officers’ hands, with views of all spaces in an area, spaces paid for, soon to expire, and already expired.

Real-Time Permit Integration

Enforce multiple permit types by simply entering or scanning permit ID numbers – or vehicle registration numbers if you offer virtual permitting – to confirm permit validity.

Increase Efficiency with ALPR

With ALPR integration, eliminate time-consuming steps and receive instant verification of timed parking stays, scofflaw offenses, permit validations and paid parking status – all through one snapshot or auto-capture functionality.
UPsafety Mobile Enforcement Detail SheetFor more details about the features and functionality of the UPsafety PE Mobile Enforcement Solution, download the Detail Sheet.


The UPsafety Cloud Analytics Screen

All-in-One Back Office Solution

The UPsafety Cloud citation management platform takes care of your technology so you can focus on your business, offering every feature required to run a state-of-the-art enforcement operation.

All data, photo evidence, and notes from the handhelds are synchronized to the Cloud in real-time, meaning you can allow payments and disputes to be processed the moment a ticket is issued. You can also manage permit and scofflaw data to keep enforcement devices updated to the second, and gain operational insight using a complete suite of powerful data analytics.

The Cloud is highly secure, SOC-2 Type 2-certified system, accessible from any device and browser.  

Seamless Integrations

We have partnerships with the best names in the business to offer you an even more complete solution that’s built for you.

Pay Stations

We integrate with a growing list of industry-leading kiosk and pay-by-phone vendors.

Permit Authentication

Our solution supports integration of your organization’s existing single sign-on or LDAP solution for student and faculty authentication.


If you’re also leveraging fixed or mounted LRP technology, we work along with the best in the industry to ensure your solution is working exactly the way you desire.

Boot & Tow

The UPsafety PE solution allows customers to integrate boot and tow companies and fees based on their locations.

Collect More Revenue

T2 Citation Services is a full-service, certified collection administration solution that allows your operation to increase revenue and create operational efficiency. By deploying our tested and trusted processes and our suite of reliable services, you and your team can focus on other areas of your operation, knowing that your outstanding citations are being taken care of by the best in the industry.

Permit Management UPsafety

Permit Management

The UPsafety PE Solution is equipped to sell, manage, and allow the enforcement of several unique permit types issued by municipalities, parking authorities, universities, hospitals, and private properties. Permit purchases and renewals are fully automated to save you time and improve your customers’ experience, and a Permit Dashboard gives you real-time visualizations of important data such as permit status, issuance detail, and revenue generated, to help keep your permit operation organized and efficient.

The E-Commerce Patron Portal

UPsafety Patron Payment PortalHandle parking citation payments, disputes, and permit sales effortlessly with our highly secure and customizable e-commerce patron portal option, as part of the UPsafety PE Solution. From the portal integrated from your website, your patrons can view photo evidence as well as your department’s parking fine and fee schedules, dispute tickets with the ability to upload file attachments securely, and purchase, renew, and track permits – creating a great experience for all who use the platform.

Hardware Options

UPsafety Hardware OptionsTo accompany our UPsafety mobile enforcement platform, you can choose our new all-in-one XF handheld device, opt for a two-piece Android device + Bluetooth printer, or bring your own device. We know all the ins and outs of each option and can help you determine the best fit for your operation.

The UPsafety Shop Screen

Paper for Tickets

Our online store makes it quick and easy for customers to replenish their supply of ticket paper – and order other accessories – to remain efficient in the office and in the field.

Code Enforcement & E-Ticketing

The UPsafety solution by T2 has grown into a platform that allows other branches of enforcement in your municipality, university, or property to create efficiencies for their own citation-issuing operation.

UPsafety Code Enforcement Software

Formerly named CodeCite®, UPsafety’s Code Enforcement Software Solution is a highly efficient system that simplifies officers’ and back office staffs’ tasks of enforcing local ordinances or student code of conduct.

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UPsafety E-Ticketing Software

Formerly named ForCite®, The UPsafety E-Ticketing Software Solution allows the issuance of state statutes and offenses and integrates in real time with your court system and RMS.

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