Allentown Parking Authority

City of Allentown, PA

The Allentown Parking Authority Finds The Best Solution To Replace A Broken System

The Allentown Parking Authority needed a comprehensive parking enforcement solution that would meet the unique demands of their modern, forward-looking City and operation. Instead, they found themselves in a disastrous predicament when promises made by their previous solution provider continually went undelivered.

“We found ourselves facing ongoing issues with the system’s reporting, inconsistencies between our officers’ handhelds, troubled LPR software, and even connectivity issues that impacted and interfered with the productivity of our operation,” APA Deputy Director Jon Haney said. “We were very displeased that our provider’s parking enforcement software solution just couldn’t keep up with the needs of Allentown.”

As a result, the Authority was seeing an increased loss in revenue and low morale amongst the enforcement team. They desperately needed a solution that functioned correctly, and one that could handle multiple integrations used within the City.

Unlike his experience with previous providers, APA’s Executive Director John Morgan was able to immediately reach UPsafety, asking how we can help with their predicament. “UPsafety’s willingness to listen, interview our team members in all related departments, and construct a plan of action to address our needs in a timely manner showed us that we found a right partner in United Public Safety,” he reported.

“What’s not said enough is how powerful UPsafety’s software can be to manage complex circumstances like those confronted by Allentown, daily.”
John Morgan, Executive Director

UPsafety’s dedicated team of engineers and product support worked diligently to effectively replace the Authority’s limited and poorly supported parking enforcement system with our custom-tailored solution. The final deliverable included over 200 hours of advanced features to allow the solution to meet the demanding needs of a busy and growing parking authority such as Allentown.

“We are very happy with the switch,” Morgan said. “And I happily share with other authorities – some even as far as Washington State – how powerful UPsafety’s tool is for us.”

Mr. Morgan explained further that the efficiency he has seen in issuing tickets has been astonishing. “We really do get some surprising things out here in Allentown as far as violations go,” he said. “Using UPsafety’s system allows us to process multiple violations per owner with a single entry, never having to go in and out of the system with vehicle registration information. It’s bing, bang, boom.”

“The quickness of CityCite’s [UPsafety PE] real-time information also allows us to write more accurate citations, as well as more citations per minute,” Haney added. “The interfacing with our kiosks and mobile providers is also far superior to what we had prior.”

Since go-live with UPsafety in November 2019, monthly ticket counts have doubled compared to prior years, and after an extensive effort to lookup owners for tickets issued prior to the transition, 20,000 outstanding violations were collected. Productivity and revenue have substantially increased at the Authority, as well as officer morale.

As with all our clients, UPsafety Product Support continually works with the Authority to ensure the success and satisfaction of our solution. “[UPsafety] is very responsive to all our needs, and they diligently work on any issues we bring to them that further enhances the product’s capabilities,” Haney noted.

Thank you, Allentown Parking Authority, for allowing us to help restore your operation to be as efficient as it is meant to be.


Posted on

October 15, 2020