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Satisfy your campus visitors with university parking solutions that just work.

College Campus Parking Solutions for a Seamless Experience

Tailor the parking experience for your campus with a comprehensive suite of university parking solutions. Our unified parking management software puts the tools you need at your fingertips to manage permits, enforcement, PARCS, events, and multi-space meters. Our state-of-the-art dashboard allows you to make critical operational decisions whenever you need to and from wherever you are.

Parking managers working on the computer to manage permits

Operate More Efficiently

Long lines during permit sales, inefficient enforcement, employees bogged down by data entry, the inability for customers to pay citations immediately – we help alleviate the myriad challenges you experience on your university campuses.

Provide a Smooth Journey

From impossible-to-lose virtual permits to mobile and contactless payment options to easy online permit sales and citation payments, our capabilities enable you to make every trip a smooth journey for your students, staff, and visitors.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Our solutions integrate seamlessly with one another and with third-party systems, bringing all your data together onto a single platform to help you answer questions about your operation, make informed decisions, and create action plans for the future.

“We were trying to find a one-stop shop, one platform where we could input all the data, get the information we need, and grow from there. The ease of product integration is why we went with Flex.”

Director, Transportation and Parking Services

Binghamton University

“There are a lot of manual processes that we used to do that we don’t have to do now, and it’s way more efficient. A lot of the processes have been cut in half, so it’s allowed us to have a much cleaner and more efficient reconciliation.”

Director, Transportation

Brown University

“As we implemented T2 Flex, we were able to use historical data to make predictions and provide extremely close forecasts. We’ve built up a lot of trust and credibility over time.”

Assistant Director, Transportation Services

Texas A&M University

Our University Parking Solutions

Robust Permit Management

Robust permit management with T2 Flex parking software

Take complete control over who is parking in your facilities and when and where they can park with T2’s powerful permit management capabilities.

The depth of and breadth our solution is unmatched: we offer the most configurable permit options in the industry – from yearly, monthly, or daily to full-time, commuter, visitor, or even bicycle – allowing you to find just the right setup for your operation.

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Efficient Enforcement with LPR Options

Efficient parking enforcement with LPR options

Bring your entire parking enforcement process into one centralized system, simplifying your operation to create efficiencies. Our enforcement solution can be tailored to fit your specific needs. It utilizes the latest software and mobile technology to put real-time information in your enforcement officers’ hands and ensure your parking assets are used appropriately.

Plus, with options for mobile or fixed license plate recognition, you can increase your enforcement efficiency by 10- to 20-fold.

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Reliable Access & Revenue Control

T2 Logan PARCS parking access and revenue control system

T2 offers a reliable, comprehensive PARCS solution created and designed specifically for your operation. Our solution empowers you with the right software, hardware, and analytics capabilities to effectively manage permit parking access and ensure the accurate capture and reporting of revenue.

Over 125 T2 customers are using PARCS solutions to manage 2,000+ PARCS lanes and process hundreds of millions of dollars in transaction revenue.

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Contactless Capabilities

Contactless payments with T2 MobilePay

Consumers want payment options, and in today’s marketplace contactless is front of mind, because it is fast, convenient, and helps create peace of mind.

T2 delivers a variety of contactless capabilities – from online permit sales to mobile payments to LPR solutions – that help you operate efficiently, maintain high safety standards, and protect payment data.

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Seamless Integrations

T2 offers seamless software and system integrations

As a technology provider, T2 Systems delivers proven and tested technologies while providing an open system that allows our customers to share data between the various solutions and systems they use.

Our software solutions seamlessly integrate with your external systems, such as payroll, enterprise systems, and databases, and other third-party parking providers via T2’s open API platform to improve your oversight and reconciliation capabilities.

Industry-Leading Hosting

T2 industry-leading hosting environment for parking solutions

Our industry-leading hosting environment, backed by over a decade of experience, offers superior reliability and performance and can help your organization experience a cost savings of roughly 30 percent.

Additionally, T2 has invested in becoming a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Level 1 and SOC 2 Type II Service Provider, providing peace of mind that you are protected from external threats and data loss.

San Jose State University

See how San Jose State University was able to increase permit sales by 30% while reducing traffic demand by 24%.

Join the T2 Community

Parking, mobility, and transportation are about people. People getting from point A to point B; products being transported by people; services being delivered by people. So for T2, selling you a solution is just the beginning of a long-term relationship with you at the heart of our family.

What starts with a sale often grows from a business relationship into a trusted network of friends and family. Working together, we help each other solve problems and capitalize on opportunities. That’s the T2 Community.

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We help colleges and universities – both large and small – provide a seamless experience on their campuses with our university parking solutions.

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