UPsafety Cite Solutions by T2

Code Enforcement Software

Independent solutions for enforcing ordinances and issuing traffic citations in your community.

Effective Solutions for Other Branches of Enforcement

Our mission to help municipalities, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and private operators optimize their operations and empower them with choices led us to develop separate platforms – beyond parking solutions – for enforcing code violations and moving violations.

Code Enforcement Software - UPsafety Cite Solutions

UPsafety Code Enforcement Software Solution

Our code enforcement solution, formerly named CodeCite®, is designed to simplify the tasks of enforcing local ordinances, allowing officers and back office staff to be more efficient.

In the field, officers can capture up to 12 on-the-spot images as evidence, and quickly issue warnings or citations with escalated fines for repeat offenders using our easy to navigate, auto-fill screens. Violation data is uploaded into the UPsafety Cloud in real-time, ready to be processed and available for patrons to pay citations.

“We use the UPsafety mobile code enforcement solution to handle everything from trash to illegal apartments. Officers gather evidence, sync it with the assessor’s office, print out the tickets, and property owners receive a notification. It’s really that simple and a great system! The customer service we receive is also excellent. Just excellent!”
Director of Municipal Inspections

City of Revere, Massachusetts

UPsafety Cite Solutions - E-Ticketing Moving Violations

UPsafety E-Ticketing Software for Moving Violations

Formerly known as (PA) ForCite®, our e-Citation solution for traffic violations allows the enforcement of state statutes and offenses in real-time with your court system and RMS. With back-office synchronization, our system offers a modern and effective approach to your department’s process of issuing moving violations.

Already approved by the Administration of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) and the New Jersey Administration of Courts (NJ AOC), our platform issues, prints, and electronically files with court systems in real-time. 

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