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Municipal Parking Systems That Help You Take Total Control

T2’s industry-leading municipal parking  solutions for small to large municipalities provide all the tools and technology you need to manage parking and mobility in your city. Improve your bottom line by increasing turnover and maximizing curb space. Put your users first by offering a wide array of payment options – including our first-of-its-kind, browser-based mobile payment solution – and industry-leading credit card data security.

Municipal Parking Manager

Generate More Revenue

Make parking more convenient for your patrons while generating revenue for your operation with little overhead. With highly configurable pricing and payment options, easy and efficient enforcement, and legendary quality, T2’s comprehensive suite of solutions help you improve your bottom line.

Enforcement Made Easy

Our breath of enforcement options can be tailored to fit your specific needs, ensuring you have everything you need to improve your operation from the ground up. Utilizing the latest software and mobile technology, your enforcement officers will have real time information in their hands while all your data is centralized on the back end.

Optimize Your Operation

By combining all areas of your operation – payments, permits, enforcement, collections, operations – into a single parking and curbside management solution, your managers and field staff have exactly the information they need when they need it, increasing your efficiency and productivity.

“The UPsafety ticketing and permit management solution makes life so much easier for us. Even the payment portal for our patrons is wonderful, and a great help to us being a no-cash office with several permits to organize and offer.”

Parking Manager

Gettysburg Borough, PA

“The depth of the data analysis reduces the amount of manual work required, allowing us to operate much more efficiently. In addition, we now have insight into data that has allowed us to respond to our customers’ needs in ways we never could before.”

Parking Manager

City of Glendale, CA

"Enforcement is always a very important thing to try to manage, and the T2 system is fantastic for being able to update ticket descriptions and ticket prices. It’s something we can easily change in the system so that we have the ability to be able to track things down."

Director of Parking and Downtown Services

City of Aspen, CO

“We’re now able to improve our system, revenues, and efficiency in a way we never could before.”

Parking Services Director

City of Missoula, MT

Our Municipal Parking Solutions

Turnkey Enforcement with LPR Options

Efficient parking enforcement with LPR options

We know that enforcement has to be in real-time and information is critical to all enforcement processes. Our intelligent and intuitive system for issuing, tracking, and improving the efficiency of ticket issuance ensures that your department will always know where your revenue and compliance generating programs stand.

Plus, with options for mobile, fixed, or automatic license plate recognition, you can increase your enforcement efficiency by 10- to 20-fold.

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Touchless Payment Options

Contactless payments with T2 MobilePay

Consumers want payment options, and in today’s marketplace contactless is front of mind, because it is fast, convenient, and helps create peace of mind.

T2 delivers a variety of touchless payment options that help you operate efficiently, maintain high safety standards, and protect payment data. Plus, we offer a unified rate and rule engine for all your payment channels, including third-party providers.

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Durable, Easy-to-Use Pay Stations

Paying for Parking at a T2 Luke Pay Station

With nearly 18,000 units in the ground from Alaska to Florida, California to Maine, and virtually everywhere in between, T2 is one of North America’s largest and leading manufacturers of pay stations.

Our pay stations are known for legendary quality, attentive service, easy maintenance, and interoperability with over 50 third-party systems and other T2 solutions.

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Robust Permit Management

Permitted Parking on a City Street

Take complete control over who is parking in your facilities and when and where they can park with T2’s powerful permit management capabilities.

Manage and sell a wide variety of permit types – residential, temporary, contractor, motorcycle, and more – all while communicating with your handheld enforcement devices in real time.

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Data-Driven Parking Software

Data-Driven Parking Software

T2’s software solutions empower parking managers and field staff to make informed decisions that increase efficiencies, productivity, and the bottom line by delivering insight through interactive metrics, data visualization, and automated reporting.

With a wealth of real-time data, our solutions meet the needs of all users in your organization, from simple reporting to advanced analytics.

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In-House Collections

Citation Collection Agents

T2 offers a full-service, certified collection administration solution that allows your operation to increase revenue and create operational efficiency.

By deploying our tested and trusted processes, you and your team can focus on other areas of your operation, knowing that your outstanding citations are being taken care of by the best in the industry.

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City of Missoula

See how the City of Missoula has increased efficiency and made vast improvements in maintenance, collections, reporting, and revenue.

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