4 Ways to Create a More Automated PARCS Operation

Whether you’re a university with several gated parking facilities for students and faculty, a municipality or private operator with garages that serve downtown residents, employees, and visitors, or a healthcare facility with gated parking for staff and patients, automation is key to running a successful PARCS operation. Automating processes helps your staff focus on the things most important to your operation, while also providing your customers a streamlined and positive experience. Below are four simple ways to create a more automated PARCS operation.


LPR can be an effective addition to any facility that requires access and revenue control. Fixed LPR systems use cameras installed at a facility’s entry and exit points to automatically link license plates for both access and transient transactions and calculate parking fees based on the license plate. Fixed LPR helps prevent both access and revenue fraud, address lost ticket and switched ticket scenarios, and provide staff with real-time information to address security queries. It can also improve customer service by reducing entry/exit wait times and limiting the ability of parkers to cheat the system.

Online Payments

Offering online payments is a great way to provide your customers with a convenient option they can access 24/7 while reducing the burden on your staff. For operations that offer parking permits, selling permits online enables you to reallocate staff to more important tasks and allows your customers to self-manage their parking. Plus, going with license plate-based virtual permits in conjunction with LPR creates further efficiencies.

For facilities that accept transient parkers or are used for event parking, it can be also be beneficial to allow customers to pre-purchase parking online. This can be done via third-party reservation providers or with the same platform used to sell permits. Especially with events, online payments help speed up the entry and exit process and provide parkers with a more streamlined process.

Remote Cashiering

Remote cashiering allows you to provide key customer service functions or assistance without requiring a staff member to be physically present in the facility. Remote cashiering allows you to push rates to the hardware, modify rates, add administrative fees, and account for auditing and revenue tracking. Setting up a remote command center and utilizing remote cashiering will reduce operational costs while increasing accurate revenue collection and improving customer service response time.

Unify Your Operation Under One System

Having a single system to manage your entire parking operation – from permits to gate equipment to citations – is one of the best ways to automate your operation. Connecting your solutions through one platform eliminates manual data entry, enables real-time communication between systems, and allows you to monitor your entire operation in one place, rather than gathering information from several different systems.


T2 Systems can provide all of these solutions and more, helping you create a more automated operation. T2 offers PARCS hardware, multiple LPR solutions, an easy-to-use online payment portal, and remote cashiering functionality, all connected through the industry-leading T2 Flex parking management software. Interested in learning more? Contact us here and get started.



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January 12, 2021