Residential Permits

A self-service mobility solution

Operate More Efficiently

The T2 Residential Permits solution enables parking operations to offer property-based permits while empowering residents with self-service functionality and streamlining internal processes.

With Residential Permits, residents can apply for parking permits online from any device – smartphone, tablet, or computer – while parking staff reviews documentation and evaluates applications in real time. Once approved, residents are notified and can purchase and use their virtual permits immediately, after which they can easily add guest permits and update their information from the same mobile-friendly web application.

And it all integrates seamlessly with T2 Flex® to place real-time information in the hands of office staff and enforcement officers.

Parking managers working on the computer to manage permits

Self-Service Mobility

Mobile internet use has blown past desktop use in popularity over the last several years, and consumers have come to expect the ability to manage all areas of their life on their smartphone. The Residential Permits solution is built on a mobile-first, self-service mobility platform that will provide convenience to your customers and create new efficiencies in your operation.

Property-Based Permits

Property-based permits are assigned based on a physical location, such as a facility or zone, rather than a license plate or vehicle – it’s not who you are, but where you are. In addition to conventional residential permit programs, this solution can be used for student or resident housing, employee permits, and more.

Features & Functionality

T2 Residential Permits web application for purchasing parking permits on mobile device


  • Easy-to-use, mobile-friendly interface
  • Apply for and purchase parking permits – occupant, guest, and short-term – online from any device
  • Save progress on applications and complete at a later time
  • Assign license plates for guest and short-term permits
  • Update vehicle and/or license plate information
  • Search for a permit program via address search function
  • Stay logged in to account just like a regular smartphone app


  • See all the information you need to easily approve or reject applications, such as:
    • Applicant documentation
    • Existing permits and applications
    • Unpaid citations
  • Application automatically enforces permit districts, eliminating the need to manually verify applicant addresses
  • Works seamlessly with T2 Flex to create virtual permits automatically
  • Maintain assignment history of guest permits for quick resolution of appeals
T2 Residential Permits back end software platform for managing parking permits

Key Benefits

Focus on What Matters

Save time previously spent manually verifying addresses and managing paper applications and hang tags/stickers.

Efficient Enforcement

Virtual permits improve your enforcement efficiency and helps you crack down on unwanted transient parkers.

Contactless Service

Reduce in-person office visits with a fully virtual process for applications, purchases, guest permits, and account updates.

100% White Label

Add your own name, logo, and colors to the consumer-facing web application for a customized experience.

T2 Residential Permits information sheet

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