Permits, Tickets, and Enforcement Software

Parking Permit Software & Parking Permit Enforcement that gives you flexibility and control.

Parking Permit Management

T2’s Permit Management solution gives you complete control over who is parking in your facilities and when and where they can park. Get just the right setup for your operation when you choose from dozens of out-of-the-box permit options, including configuration, distribution, payments, and more.

Control Who’s In Your Lots

Easily set up, issue, track, and manage parking permits for individuals, groups, or properties. No matter how complex your business rules are, T2’s Permit Management solution maintains the flexibility and depth to configure each process to best suit your operational needs.

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Complete Permit Control

Easily link permits to vehicles, facilities or particular areas within a facility, and limit the quantity associated to each based on your business rules.

Highly Configurable

Offer as many different permit types as you want and configure what types of permits can be sold to specific individuals and groups.

Account Management

View all activity associated with an individual or group in one place and track contact information, including addresses, phone numbers, and emails.


Visualize revenue, inventory, and historical data with dashboards that equip you with customizable widgets, providing actionable data when you need it.

Sell Permits Online

T2’s Permit Management solution makes it easy for your consumers to purchase and renew their permits online and for your staff to keep track of the information that is imporatant to them. Plus, selling permits onlines eliminates those long lines at the office during permit season.

Permit Sales

Enable customers to purchase and renew both physical and virtual permits online via your organization’s website.

Permit Waitlists & Requests

Allow your customers to go online and reserve a spot in line for a permit purchase and provide the parking office with documentation for permit approval.

Residential Permits

Provide residents with a modern, mobile-friendly application to purchase and renew permits for their own use or for guests.

Payment Management

Set up payment configurations to include corporate contracts, payroll deductions, student accounts, and more, depending on your business needs.

Fulfill Permits Automatically

Save money, simplify logistics, and avoid fraud with our PermitDirect® fulfillment solution. Customers simply order their permits through your website and have them sent directly to their location of choice, while our partner WW&L takes care of fulfilling the permit requests.

Step 1

Purchase information is immediately sent to your parking management system and to fulfillment as customers purchase permits on your parking website.

Step 2

The correct permit and up to three other pieces of literature, such as regulations or a campus map, are sent to the customer.

Step 3

Choose to send your customer an email notification when the permit has been shipped, and give them the option to confirm they have received it.

“We were trying to find a one-stop shop, one platform where we could input all the data, get the information we need, and grow from there. The ease of product integration is why we went with Flex.”

Director, Transportation and Parking Services

Binghamton University