A parking access and revenue control system that gives you the power. 

Propel Forward with PARCS

Whether you are looking to expand your existing Flex Permits and Enforcement solution or upgrade an outdated Parking Access and Revenue Control System, you can move forward with confidence knowing that over 125 T2 customers are successfully using PARCS solutions to manage 2,000+ PARCS lanes and process hundreds of millions of dollars in transaction revenue.

T2 Flex® Software for PARCS

Your T2 PARCS solution is powered by T2 Flex®, the parking industry’s original and premier hosted parking management software.

Flex is highly configurable, flexible, and expandable. You can easily activate PARCS on your existing Flex Permits and Enforcement solution and add an unlimited number of facilities and lanes without any additional servers or software. And whether you process permit holders, transient parkers, validations, or any other number of patrons, T2 Flex helps you manage their parking experience from start to finish from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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“In the three years I’ve been here, there’s been a handful of times where we had Flex outages. When you compare that to some of the headaches you have with other vendor systems, it’s pretty refreshing. You don’t really think about it, because it’s just working all the time.”

PARCS IT Engineer

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