License plate recognition that is hassle-free.

Increase Efficiency With LPR

License plate recognition enforcement is an easy, efficient way to ensure optimized parking enforcement. The technology is hassle-free, and the information is available in real time, minimizing the possibility of incorrectly issued citations.

Mobile and Fixed LPR Enforcement

Take your enforcement to the next level by integrating LPR. T2’s Mobile Enforcement App integrates seamlessly with our partner Genetec’s LPR solution to streamline data and make issuing citations for enforcement officers as easy as the press of a button. Additionally, T2’s Fixed LPR solution for garages and lots enables real-time enforcement and helps prevent access and revenue fraud.

Retrieval of Vehicle Registration (RoVR)

RoVR is a cloud-based solution that helps you identify scofflaw offenders by quickly locating the registered owner information for individuals responsible for unpaid parking tickets, with no manual data entry.

Interested in Learning More?

Go Mobile

Issue citations via a smartphone or tablet with the T2 Mobile Enforcement App for Android and iOS. The easy-to-use interface and centralized configuration will get you up and running in no time, putting real-time information in your hands.

Enforcement Anytime, Anywhere

Enable your operation to easily issue parking citations with a smaller initial hardware investment. The app can be used by anyone with the appropriate log-in credentials, such as supervisors or police.

Issue Citations Quickly and Easily

Perform permit lookups, monitor metered parking, or receive LPR detected violations to enforce, then issue citations with the option of including photos – all while integrating seamlessly with T2 Flex® in real time through our private cloud.

For Smartphones and Tablets

The Mobile Enforcement App is available for both Android and iOS devices, and was designed with a look and feel that fits either type of device.