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T2 Flex®, the industry’s most robust, configurable parking operations software.

Power ahead with T2 Flex®

The T2 Permit Management and Enforcement (PE) solution is powered by T2 Flex®, the industry’s most robust, configurable parking operations software. Flex set a new standard for managing permits efficiently and enforcing parking effectively.

Get a real-time view of parking activity, manage your facility from a remote location, and access reports and analytics to assess your business. You are always connected to a reliable and secure infrastructure and protected from external cyber threats and data loss with our hosted solution.

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Parking Permit Management

T2’s Permit Management solution gives you complete control over who is parking in your facilities and when and where they can park. Get just the right setup for your operation when you choose from dozens of out-of-the-box permit options, including configuration, distribution, payments, and more.

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“We were trying to find a one-stop shop, one platform where we could input all the data, get the information we need, and grow from there. The ease of product integration is why we went with Flex.”

Director, Transportation and Parking Services

Binghamton University

Go Mobile

Issue citations via a smartphone or tablet with the T2 Mobile Enforcement App for Android and iOS. The easy-to-use interface and centralized configuration will get you up and running in no time, putting real-time information in your hands.

Enforcement Anytime, Anywhere

Enable your operation to easily issue parking citations with a smaller initial hardware investment. The app can be used by anyone with the appropriate log-in credentials, such as supervisors or police.

Issue Citations Quickly and Easily

Perform permit lookups, monitor metered parking, or receive LPR detected violations to enforce, then issue citations with the option of including photos – all while integrating seamlessly with T2 Flex® in real time through our private cloud.

For Smartphones and Tablets

The Mobile Enforcement App is available for both Android and iOS devices, and was designed with a look and feel that fits either type of device.

Citation Payments & Appeals

With T2 FlexPort, it’s easy for your customers to submit citation payments and appeals via your parking website, improving your collection rate, revenue, and customer service.