Did you know how easy it is to add PARCS to your existing Flex solution?

T2 Systems’ existing Flex Permit and Enforcement customers can easily add the Flex PARCS solution and features to their existing Flex software. In fact, PARCS is already built into every Flex instance, and to start the process all T2 needs to do is turn on the PARCS functionality.

Once PARCS has been enabled in Flex, the T2 Professional Services team will then work with you to perform the remaining value-added implementation and configuration, enhancing your already robust Flex Permit and Enforcement solution. This can include adding facilities or surface lots, permit configurations, rates, and validations, as well as the installation of our T2 Logan hardware suite, which includes access control stations, ticket dispensers, credit card exit verifiers, pay-on-foots, cashier stations, and barcode validators.

T2 Flex software for PARCS allows you to monitor and control your equipment in real-time from any computer or mobile device, configure unlimited occupancy types, and link permit control groups to facilities or surface lots. Flex for PARCS also allows your organization to easily set up customizable rate structures at an enterprise level or for each facility and entry lane. In addition to your existing tasks related to permit management and enforcement, you can schedule PARCS tasks such as raising and lowering gates or lane direction changes for day-to-day operations and special events.


Remember, with T2 Systems you are in control and can manage your entire parking operation from one software platform.

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