Different Perspective, Tailored Solutions

Install Series II PARCS Hardware

We design and manufacture our new Series II PARCS equipment with our customers in mind. Our offerings include Multi-use Entry Stations, Multi-use Exit Stations, Pay-on-Foot Stations, and Access Control Stations.

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Utilize Series II Functionality

Add facilities to your platform at unlimited scale, manage access privileges for individuals and specific groups, and see detailed reporting on the transactional details in your facilities.

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Install G2 PARCS Hardware

G2 devices are low-maintenance and reliable: they have few moving parts, featuring weatherproof cabinets, vandal-resistant faceplates, remote updates and management, and in-demand features such as intercoms, video capabilities, and customization options.

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Utilize G2 Functionality

Our web-based software solution comprises a management portal and a customer portal. It's remotely hosted—giving you a clear understanding of costs and access to the most current, secure information. 

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See It In Action

A member of our team can provide a live demo and walk you through our PARCS solution from start to finish.

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