Multi-space Pay Stations

Digital Iris: Superior Multi-space Intelligence

Operations Management

  • Full operational insight into data and trends using data visualization 
  • Over 90 available metrics with over 6,000 widget combinations including paid occupancy, utilization, and turnover
  • Unified corporate dashboard supporting multiple branch operations
  • Intuitive mapping to easily locate your pay stations and see real-time status alerts
  • Configurable widgets to track the most important metrics in your operation

Collections and Maintenance

  • Dedicated modules for collections and maintenance
  • Real-time monitoring of your pay station network
  • User created and managed pay station alerts
  • Pay station alerts sent directly to field personnel
  • Intuitive mapping for “hot spots” and efficient maintenance and collections routes
  • Collections and maintenance data accessible to field personnel reducing response times


  • Transaction data sent to enforcement handheld devices
  • Integration with license plate recognition (LPR) systems for a 10- to 20-fold improvement in enforcement productivity
  • Communication with space sensors
  • Integration with mobile payment services

Mobile Workforce

Real-time data to field personnel via Digital mobile apps or third-party integrated devices, and remote access to:

  • Transaction data and permit information
  • Pay station collections status and alerts
  • Pay station details and maintenance alerts

Parking Management

  • Passcards and coupons to streamline financial management
  • Coupons for complimentary or discounted parking
  • Passcards for a reusable discount or a reloadable method of payment
  • Support for event parking, permit parking, and parking validation
  • Track and manage coupon and passcard use by individual consumer
  • Billing reports to monitor coupon and passcard usage

Open and Robust Architecture

  • Easily integrate with third-party systems and custom built applications
  • Extensive integrated partner network
  • Clustered database architecture
  • High availability with seamless failover
  • Extensive application level monitoring


See It In Action

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