Multi-Space Pay Stations

The Ultimate Intelligence Platform

Install Multi-Space Pay Stations

Our Digital Luke® II pay stations are highly secure, flexible, and suitable for both on- and off-street deployments.

Our brand new Digital Luke® Cosmo pay station is designed specifically as an on-street solution for all communities and cities, big and small.

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Achieve Data Intelligence

Digital Iris is our easy-to-use, cloud-based data intelligence platform that provides secure and actionable information to the right people at the right time. Iris delivers insight through interactive metrics, data visualization, and automated reporting.

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Operate in Any Mode

Our multi-space solution embraces flexibility and extensibility. The choice is yours whether you want to employ Pay-and-Display, Pay-by-Space, Pay-by-License Plate, or Pay-by-Phone.

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Utilize Advanced Features

Our pay stations provide technologically advanced features to help you manage your parking operation more efficiently, increase revenues, and deliver a superior experience to the consumer.

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Extend Parking Via Text

Increase compliance and revenue by allowing your consumers to receive expiry reminders and add time to their parking session via text message—without ever setting up an account.

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Mobilize Your Workforce

Put real-time collection threshold information in the hands of your collection staff and real-time payment verification information in the hands of your enforcement staff.

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See It In Action

A member of our team can provide a live demo and walk you through our Multi-Space Pay Station solution from start to finish.

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