Making Your Case to Attend T2 Connect 2023

Make Your Case to Attend Connect 2023

3 Magical Pitches to Have Your Wishes Granted

This November, your dream to experience a whole new world of professional growth and networking will be within reach at T2 Connect. If your boss holds the lamp to grant the approval to join us, here are 3 talking points to help get their nod and make your wish their command.

1. T2 Connect offers extensive training and education that will provide us with the tools we need to take our operation to the next level.

No matter how long you’ve been a T2 user, there is always something new to learn about using our solutions at their full potential. Sessions at T2 Connect will touch on each solution, exploring features and capabilities to help you optimize and expand your current system. We’ll also be demonstrating our future technologies that can help take your operation to new levels. Through this in-depth training, you’ll be sure to develop expert skills and explore new possibilities for the benefit of your operation. Our team of experts will also be available to you throughout the conference to discuss how these technologies can be applied to your own operation.

You’re guaranteed to learn a lot through a variety of presentations, training sessions, and product showcases led by seasoned professionals from the parking and technology worlds. You’ll be able to create your own learning journey by following tracks specific to your needs and areas of interest. We’re offering tracks for new users, frontline and field operation professionals, technophiles, managers, and leaders, in addition to holding general sessions.

Education and training opportunities available at T2 Connect will also help you prepare for where the parking industry is headed. Industry leader and customer-led sessions will provide great examples and insight into their future-focused operations that will spur new ideas and goals for your own department.

2. T2 Connect is the perfect setting for us to build a network of industry peers and share best practices that will help grow our operation.

With 300+ T2 customers in attendance this year, you have the unique opportunity to connect with a wide variety of parking professionals who represent every corner of the parking world. T2 Connect brings together customers from universities, municipalities, hospitals, and private operations that use some of the same tools as you to tackle their own unique challenges.

With peer-to-peer interactions at T2 Connect, you’ll be able to share experiences, gain great knowledge, and build or maintain long-lasting professional relationships. Attending our Welcome Reception, Customer Appreciation Party, engaging roundtable and panel discussions, and other informal gatherings will be great opportunities to build your resources, place faces with names, and form ideas for your own operation.

T2 Connect is also a two-way street and gives our team a chance to hear from you. By listening to our customers, we improve our service and evolve our solutions according to what our customers need.

3. With all it has to offer, T2 Connect is a great opportunity to invest in my professional growth that I can bring back to work.

Access to expert knowledge, networking opportunities, and skill development sessions at T2 Connect can be a transformative experience that enhances your professional growth and the capabilities of your operation.

Our meticulously designed and tailored session tracks will empower you to excel in your specific role, and address knowledge gaps where further expertise may be needed in your operation. We will encourage you to set clear goals, actively engage in sessions, and network with peers to optimize your learning journey with us.

The more you grow as a professional and leader, the more your operation benefits. T2 Connect provides you with the tools you need to reach your career goals, and the goals of your operation.


Come join hundreds of interesting parking professionals from across North America, escape with us to sunny Orlando, Florida, and learn more about cutting-edge technology at one of the best user conferences in the business.

Now knock on your boss’ door, confident with these three talking points, and go for it! Visit when you’re ready to register.


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September 11, 2023