Pay Station Upgrade

ACTION IS REQUIRED BY ALL T2 PAY STATION CUSTOMERS PRIOR TO FEBRUARY 2022 to ensure that pay station communication to T2 Iris is not interrupted.

Updates for PCI Security compliance and AT&T network changes will impact a majority of pay station features, including:

Online credit card processing

Real-time enforcement

API integrations

Real-time telemetry and monitoring information

Real-time transaction reporting

If you do not take action, Iris will not have the required information to share with enforcement integrators, prepare financial reports, or send collection and maintenance alerts.


Below you will find more information on how to prepare your operation for the upcoming changes.

Please take action immediately to ensure we have availability to assist, as resources are booking up quickly.


Frequently Asked Questions

The below FAQ document provides information on why this upgrade is required, what will be impacted, what actions are required, and detailed instructions on how to upgrade your pay stations.



We hosted two webinars in the month of December covering the resources available to assist you through this upgrade. Click below to view the webinar recordings or read through the Q&A.

Thursday, December 2

Recording Password: T2Systems

Tuesday, December 14

Recording Password: T2Systems

Q&A Coming Soon

Video Demonstrations

Reference the below videos for step-by-step guidance and instruction on how to upgrade your pay stations.

Step 1: Upgrading Your BOSS Software to Version 7.0.6

Step 2: Determining Your Pay Station Version and Modem Type

Step 3: Downloading the Pay Station Software to Your BOSS Service Key

Step 4: Upgrading Your Pay Station Software

Software Upgrade Packages

For detailed information on upgrade steps and which upgrade packages your pay stations will need, see pages 911 of the Pay Station Upgrade FAQ document linked in the Resources section above.

Pay Station Software Upgrade Packages

4 Upgrades Required

6.4 build 01xx

6.3 build 06xx

6.4 build 03xx


BSP Upgrade
(about 25 mins to complete)

3 Upgrades Required

6.4 build 04xx

Click to Download


PS App Upgrade (about 15 mins to complete)

2 Upgrades Required

6.5 build 034

Click to Download

6.4 build 05xx

6.5 build o2xx

7.0 build 00xx

7.0 build 01xx

7.0 build 02xx

7.0 build 03xx

1 Upgrade

7.0.6 (all builds)

Click to Download

7.0 build 05xx

7.0 build 07
(less than 42)

7.0 build 0742

Click to Download

7.0 build 0742

Click to Download

7.0 build 0742

Click to Download

BOSS Software Upgrade Packages

3 Upgrades Required


2 Upgrades Required


Click to Download

1 Upgrade Required


Click to Download



Click to Download

3G Modem Replacement

See below for step-by-step guidance on how to replace your pay station’s 3G modem with the Microhard LTE modem.

Contact Information

If you are having difficulty upgrading your pay stations, contact T2 Systems at the link below.

Please reach out as soon as possible to ensure we have availability to assist, as resources are booking up quickly.

For hardware orders, please email

For upgrade questions, issues, or concerns, please email