Three-Day Summit Ignites T2ers’ Passion for Excellence

     group of T2 Systems employees learningtogether in the Bottleworks Hotel library

January 31, 2023 — Last week, T2 Systems teams came together to review 2022, collaborate, educate, and focus on goals for 2023. Sales Summit 2023 was held at the historic Bottleworks Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana, and was designed for the purpose of fortifying employees with knowledge and recommitting to excellence in service.

On the first day of Sales Summit, the agenda included a review of what worked well in 2022, opportunities for improvement moving forward, and product roadmaps for the next year, then culminated in breakout sessions with mixed-role teams working together on special projects. It was a very busy day, and T2ers were enthusiastic about filling their “toolboxes” with useful and practical knowledge.

The second day was dedicated to skill building. Presenters from different areas at T2 shared insight into how to excel in service with practical knowledge cultivated through groundwork and experience. T2 subject matter experts in various platforms and tools shared how to best utilize them to inform their roles and gave demonstrations. T2ers were excited to learn tools and build knowledge together on skills day. The most memorable aspect of the day was the highly entertaining and awkward bonding that evening, bowling with a football—“fowling.”

The final day consisted of sharing best practices among teams and then coming back together for a final Q&A with leadership. If there was one takeaway from the three-day summit, it was that T2ers excel when supporting each other, and that spirit of service directly translates to providing best-in-class service to customers. Everyone left the summit having made new friends, enriched with new knowledge and a renewed passion for helping others succeed.

Account Manager Vanessa Sentel stated, “Sales Summit was a fantastic opportunity to build excitement around T2 products and teams we work with every day, then get to share that excitement as we interact with our current and existing customers… to be able to work together internally to all become subject matter experts and cheerleaders makes this a powerful event!”