T2 Systems, the largest parking technology provider in North America, announced that Mike Drow, T2 Sr. Vice President, Corporate Development, received the 2018 Chair Award from the International Parking Institute (IPI). Drow was presented with the award earlier this month at the IPI Conference & Expo in Orlando.

The annual IPI Chair Award honors an individual(s) who takes a leadership role in developing a program or initiative that benefits the parking, transportation, and mobility industry.

Drow has been instrumental in the creation and launch of the IPI Data Exchange Standard to define a uniform, functional data standard for communicating information between systems used in the North American parking ecosystem. He has also worked with the Alliance for Parking Data Standards to complete the first draft of a truly global data standard to allow organizations to share parking data across platforms worldwide.

“Mike has shown tremendous leadership as co-chair of IPI’s technology committee, and through his involvement in the Alliance for Parking Data Standards’ effort to create a uniform global data standard,” said IPI CEO Shawn Conrad, CAE. “The parking industry continues to benefit greatly from Mike’s dedication and he is very deserving of IPI’s Chair Award.”

T2 strongly supports the use of the data standards and has participated in the development process over the last year. The standards should enable quicker, more accurate sharing of data across platforms and ultimately benefit T2 customers and partners.

“Together with many supporters, IPI is making incredible strides in parking and mobility,” said T2 CEO Adam Blake. “We’re proud to be involved in the data standard effort and grateful to IPI for this recognition for Mike.”

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