An interview with T2 Systems CEO Adam Blake is featured as the cover story in Parking Today Magazine, a leading publication in the parking industry. The article, entitled “T2 CEO Building an Ecosystem of Partners,” is published in the October 2017 edition of Parking Today Magazine.


T2, based in Indianapolis, develops comprehensive platforms to make parking management and enforcement as seamless as possible. Blake became CEO in October 2016.


Blake was interviewed for Parking Today’s “Parking Technology Issue” and spoke about open systems, building an ecosystem of partners and connected consumers.


“The consumer should and will drive the industry . . . The useful systems will react to the consumer, making the parking experience seamless and easy. It’s not the price; it’s going to be the service, and our technology needs to help operating teams deliver the service,” said Blake.


T2’s UNIFI Parking Management Platform provides a full suite of technology solutions to increase efficiency, improve ease of parking management and boost revenue for its users. Over 1,500 customers—including universities, municipalities and private operators—rely on T2 for multi-space pay stations, permit management, enforcement, LPR, PARCS, vehicle counting, citation services and event parking.


The full article can be read in October’s digital edition of Parking Today Magazine.



About T2

T2 continues to be the largest parking technology provider in North America, with more than 23 years in the parking management industry and currently serving thousands of parking professionals. T2 integrates the best people, processes and technology for powerful, high performance and secure parking solutions. Its open technology and processes are used to manage more than 200 million parking transactions for over $2 billion annually across all 50 states and nine provinces in Canada. For more information about T2 Systems, visit