Man Approaching Car with Barnacle


April 30, 2020Barnacle Parking Enforcement has integrated their Enterprise Management System with T2 Systems’ Flex Enforcement Solution. The new integration will support mutual customers, including Lexington and Fayette County Parking Authority (LexPark), Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Houston, Howard University and others.

The Barnacle and T2 integration allows Parking Enforcement Officers to deploy devices in the Barnacle Enforcer application, with citations automatically queried from the T2 Flex portal. Additionally, the integration enables violations to be marked as closed and paid in the T2 system once the motorist releases a device via Barnacle’s 24/7 call center or web payment portal. This seamless integration will enhance the driver/violator experience while reducing the administrative workload for customers.


About Barnacle

Barnacle® Parking Enforcement was formed to modernize parking enforcement with a customer service-oriented technology that enhances compliance and collects on unpaid citations. Barnacle has developed a patented solution that embeds mobile connectivity and online payment processing within consumer and enforcement friendly immobilization. Barnacle is leveraging technology to improve process efficiencies and provide unmatched standards in terms of deployment, cost savings and motorist satisfaction.


About T2 Systems

T2 Systems was founded in 1994 with one simple goal: make park­ing better. We immediately estab­lished a leadership position in the parking industry and continue to pave the way in new technologies that help you seamlessly manage parking, mobility, and transporta­tion services. Today, we provide the most com­prehensive solutions available to process transactions and leverage data to make informed decisions. Our unified parking management platform puts all the tools you need to be efficient and effective at your fingertips, with one place to manage your T2 solutions, including Pay Stations, Permits, Enforcement, PARCS, and more. With a strong track record of delivering projects that generate real return for our customers, and by delivering a quality experience for parking patrons, T2 continues to focus on helping our customers move their operations forward.