T2 MobilePay

Take back control of your parking payments.

Powered by TEXT2PARK
T2 MobilePay parking payment platform

Your Customers. Your Brand. Your Revenue.

You work hard to attract customers, build your brand, and generate revenue. With third-party parking apps, you may be giving away control of your customers, minimizing your brand value, and losing out on revenue they retain from transaction fees. While they provide a great service to parkers, are they a great option for you?

T2 MobilePay, powered by TEXT2PARK, gives you complete and total control of your parking operation while providing your parkers a simple and convenient way to pay for parking on their smartphones.

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How it Works

Text P-Code or Scan QR
Code & Click the Link

Enter License Plate,
Time & Payment

Confirm ZIP
Code & Click PAY

T2 MobilePay Instructional Sign
T2 MobilePay - SMS Message
T2 MobilePay - Enter License Plate and Time
T2 MobilePay - Enter Credit Card
T2 MobilePay - Payment Screen
T2 MobilePay - Payment Confirmation

What Makes T2 MobilePay Different?

Own Your Payment Data

Unlike existing mobile payment providers, T2 gives you complete control and ownership of your parking activity and your data.

Public Messaging

Communicate directly to your customers with real-time, geotargeted online messaging on your MobilePay portal.

Unified Rate & Rule Engine

T2 Iris provides a single interface for defining your rates and rules, ensuring consistent pricing no matter the transaction type.

All-in-One Solution

When combined with T2 Iris software, MobilePay brings all your transaction data together into a single system.

100% White Label Included

Add your own branding to your MobilePay portal and digital receipts for a customized experience.

No App, No Accounts

Users simply text an SMS short code or scan a QR code to access the online payment portal through a web browser.