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Customer Awards

Congrats to Our Customers!

We're proud to have the brightest minds in the parking industry as our customers—and we love to see them granted the honors we know they deserve. 

University of Texas, Austin
2016 IPI Parking Organization of the Year

Anne Guest, City of Missoula and Melissa Alonzo, Arizona State University
IPI Parking Professional of the Year

Blanca Gamez, University of Texas, Austin
IPI Emerging Leader of the Year

Jeremy Hernandez, University of Texas
IPI Parking Staff Member of the Year

Cathy Harrison, Arizona State University
IPI Parking Supervisor of the Year

Houston First Corporation
Texas Parking and Transportation Associaton Employee of the Year - Reginald Randolph

University of British Columbia
2015 NPA Innovative Organization of the Year

Lexington Fayette County Parking Authority
IPI Award of Excellence 2015 - Best Parking Facility Rehabilitation or Restoration