Parks & Recreation

Technology Made for the Great Outdoors

Improving Experience

Fun, fitness, exploration, gatherings and more—people use your park and recreation space for a variety of opportunities. Our Digital Luke® II pay stations can make these experiences easy breezy for park-goers, helping them pay for or rent the use of picnic areas, gazeebos, campsites, RV hookups and boat launches. You can also use our pay stations to collect entrance, parking or activity fees, helping you achieve operational goals and improving service to park users. 


Braving the Elements

Efficiency is key in any parks operation, especially where budgets are often a concern. Our pay stations are effective and secure. They can be solar-powered and wireless enabled, requiring no additional civil works expense beyond mounting the pay stations. They are robustly resistant to inclement weather, vandalism and theft, and as a parks operator, you will be proactively notified when collection or maintenance is needed.