Vehicle Counting

Count Vehicles Anywhere

How It Works

Inductive loops in the ground detect vehicles and their direction of travel to provide a count of every entry and exit into your parking facility. The Vehicle Counter collects this information and sends it to our platform via wireless cellular communication. Occupancy changes are reflected in real time on your parking management dashboard.

Lane Configuration

All lanes have a two-loop configuration. Cars will be counted even if they drive in reverse direction (e.g. driving in through the “out” lane). Below are the possible configurations:

Dedicated Entry/Exit Lane: Standard width lane with one set of loops

Plaza: Double-wide lane with separate sets of loops on each side of bollards or striping, one side is mostly used for entry, the other side is mostly used for exit

Single Lane: Double-wide lane with a single set of loops, one side is used for entry, the other side is used for exit

See It In Action

A member of our team can provide a live demo and walk you through our AutoCount solution from start to finish.

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