Permit Management

Achieve Control and Flexibility

Control Who’s In Your Lots

Easily set up, issue, track, and manage parking permits for individuals, groups, or properties. No matter how complex your business rules are, T2 permit management maintains the flexibility to configure each process to best suit your operational needs.

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Issue Physical or Digital Permits

Our permit management solution gives you the flexibility to manage permits like hangtags or decals, access control credentials such as prox cards or RFID tags, or use any unique identifier as a virtual or digital permit. 

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Sell Permits Online

Our FlexPort Permits solution makes it easy for your consumers to purchase and renew their permits online—thus eliminating those long lines during permit season. 

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Fulfill Permits Automatically

With our PermitDirect fulfillment, customers can simply order their permits through your website and have them sent directly to their location of choice.

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Increase Efficiency with LPR

License Plate Recognition (LPR) allows you to know who is parking in your facility and how long they stay, detect vehicles in violation, and make better decisions to improve operational efficiency.

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Go Gateless

T2’s Gateless Garage is a bundled solution that provides customers the ability to manage their parking operations, maintain revenue collection, and improve customer service in their parking facilities—all while eliminating the need for gates in areas that do not require access control.

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See It In Action

A member of our team can provide a live demo and walk you through our Permit Management solution from start to finish.

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