T2 Flex PARCS Software

Information You Want

  • View equipment status and real-time transaction activity for each device, lane, or grouping of lanes simultaneously.
  • View occupancy and equipment status simultaneously.
  • Display occupancy counts on external signs within the parking office.
  • View lane activity and duration reports.

Functionality You Need

  • Automate gate open and close by time-of-day and day-of-week with Task Scheduler.
  • Change occupancy mix thresholds (credential, transient, reserved) by hour-of-day with Task Scheduler.
  • Automate “full” sign activation once predefined occupancy thresholds have been exceeded.
  • Accommodate reversible lanes.
  • Record system events in Event Journal.

Alarm Management

  • Receive alarms via email or text message.
  • Respond to alarms in batch and document when the alarm occurred, who responded and when.
  • Select which events will trigger alarm for each user, and the type of alarm (read only, respond, sound, light) for each user.
  • Manage the received alarms and identify read, unread, responded, and unresponded alarms specific to them with Personal Alarm Inbox.

Centralized, Open Platform

Our platform is highly configurable, flexible, and expandable—you can add an unlimited number of facilities without any additional servers or software.

Whether you process permit holders, visitors, validated guests, or any other number of general or facility-specific patrons, our system affords you the ability to manage their parking experience from start to finish.

Validation Management

Track all validations–encoded, paperless, or printable. You can see everything about a particular validation: the number, associated discount, status, customer or contact, etc.

Lanes Management

View and manage entry/exit data and activity history, set lane description and type, associate a lane with a facility, and set permit number range. Manage reversible lanes, setting up automated schedules or reversing as needed.

Transient Pricing Management

Define a rate structure that accumulates by the day, hour, half-hour or quarter-hour. You can define the dollar amount for the user-defined rate structure, define a fee based on ticket type (such as a lost ticket fee), compute a parking fee for a single transaction, and define a daily cap for transient fee schedule.

Contracts and Profiles

Manage access privileges for individuals and specific groups, and allow for ways to easily handle exceptions to traditional access privileges.

Ticket Tracking and Auditing

Understand the “who, what, when, how long” and detailed transactional data for your PARCS facilities.

See It In Action

A member of our team can provide a live demo and walk you through our PARCS solution from start to finish.

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