Multi-Space Pay Stations

Utilize Advanced Features

Advertising Platforms

Our pay stations provide a large color LCD screen that can be used to communicate visually with consumers. Messages can include informative public service announcements or advertisements used to generate additional revenue.


Digital Connect allows your pay stations to communicate wirelessly over a cellular network. All parking pay stations come equipped with Digital Connect, so they are ready to go live upon delivery.

Payment Options

Our pay stations support a vast array of payment options, including:

Power Management

A well designed and power efficient pay station requires less maintenance, has a low operational cost, and is more environmentally friendly. Our Luke® II pay stations offer several power management features:

  • High-efficiency CPU
  • Power level monitoring
  • Low-powered payment acceptors
  • LCD backlight adjustment
  • High-efficiency solar charging


PCI Data Security

We annually engage a third-party Qualified Payment Application Security Professional (QPASP) to ensure our system is compliant as a Level 1 Service Provider under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Our products are validated to meet the highest certification levels for credit card data security.


Secure, Real-Time Credit Card Processing

Before a parking permit is vended, credit cards are validated via our PCI Level I compliant and PA-DSS validated system to ensure that they are not lost, stolen, or cancelled, and that sufficient credit is available to complete the purchase.

See It In Action

A member of our team can provide a live demo and walk you through our Multi-space Pay Station solution from start to finish.

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