Multi-Space Pay Stations

Payment Security

Enhanced Card Data Security

T2 SecurePay™ is a bundled solution that provides an industry-leading layer of card data security to your Luke™ pay stations and T2 PARCS hardware. T2 SecurePay™ uses PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) technology to ensure that no cardholder data is exposed during the payment transaction.

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The PCI-P2PE technology protects card data from being stolen or harvested by malware when parkers use their cards at your parking payment terminal. Since the cardholder data is encrypted inside the card reader, it makes the card data useless and void of any value if a malware or skimming attack is attempted on the card reader or during transit over the internet to the payment gateway.

T2 SecurePay™ easily retrofits to your existing Luke™ II pay stations and Series II PARCS equipment and is an option in the purchase of new Luke™ II and Luke™ Cosmo pay stations and T2 Logan™ PARCS equipment.

What is the Value of T2 SecurePay™ to My Organization?

  • Provides peace of mind since your parkers' card data is encrypted in the payment terminal's card reader
  • Supports both EMV and magnetic stripe credit and debit cards
  • Using a PCI-validated P2PE solution reduces the effort and cost of securing your card processing environment and simplifies your annual PCI audit
  • By accepting EMV, it reduces chargebacks to your organization caused by fraudulent charges