Multi-space Pay Stations

Mobilize Your Workforce

Digital Collect

Digital Collect is a unique mobile app that puts real-time pay station data in the hands of your collection staff. Collect allows your staff to go exactly where they’re needed, when they’re needed—so they collect just in time.


Collect Only When Needed
Pay stations generate real-time alerts telling collectors which pay stations have exceeded your collection thresholds and are ready to be collected.


Map the Way
Pinpoint the exact location of each pay station on a collection route; directional arrows indicate the exact distance to the pay station.


Eliminate System Backlog
Sync with the cloud-based Digital Iris in real time, immediately clearing completed collections.


Track Collectors
Track the current location of each collector in the field, including who collected from which pay station and at what time.


Digital Patrol

Digital Patrol is a payment verification application that enables your mobile workforce. Patrollers can easily verify if a vehicle is citable by validating Pay-by-Space and Pay-by-License Plate information in real-time using an Android device. This cost-effective solution provides License Plate Recognition (LPR) to augment your current citation solution.

More Accurate Way to Verify Citable Vehicles

  • Verifies vehicles by searching space/plate data or using LPR
  • Receives payment data in real-time
  • Indicates current payment status along with time to expiry

Reduce Operational Costs

  • Eliminates the need to print reports at the pay station
  • Minimizes customer service complaints from false citations 
  • Augments your current citation solution

Maximize Workflow Efficiency

  • Provides traffic light indicators to identify vehicles in violation
  • Delivers one app to verify a vehicle is citable 
  • Uses the built-in camera on your device

Increase Patroller Productivity

  • Includes a simple touch-screen interface
  • Operates in offline mode in areas of weak or no signal
  • Highlights the pay station’s communication status

See It In Action

A member of our team can provide a live demo and walk you through our Multi-space Pay Station solution from start to finish.

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