Multi-space Pay Stations

Install Multi-space Pay Stations

Benefits of Luke II

  • Pay-and-Display, Pay-by-Space, and Pay-by-License Plate on the same pay station
  • Separate maintenance and collections compartments for enhanced security
  • Theft-resistant design to protect coins, bills, and internal components
  • Enhanced locking mechanism and electronic lock support for added security
  • PCI compliant and PA-DSS validated system ensures credit card data security
  • Remote configuration of rates and policies saves time and money
  • Integration with leading parking technology partners for a complete solution
  • Flexible rate structures and diverse payment options can increase revenue
  • Reduced maintenance and collections costs
  • Real-time credit card processing to reduce processing fees and eliminate bad debt
  • Real-time reporting and alarming
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Benefits of Luke Cosmo

  • Luke Cosmo offers all of the same features as Luke II except that no bills are accepted and it is powered through its solar panel (no AC/Heater).
  • Optimal pedestrian flow—Slender/shallow profile, allowing easy flow and movement in and around cities/business districts. Luke Cosmo has the shallowest cabinet in the market. 
    Intuitive user experience. Top-to-bottom, easy-to-use payment flow.
  • Eco-friendly, efficient solar panel—Reversibility of solar panel means you can angle the panel for better efficiency. The integrated solar panel also minimizes potential for misuse and abuse of antenna.
  • Flexible payment options—Same as Luke II (coins, credit cards, smart cards, pay-by-cell, coupons, and extend-by-phone) except no bills accepted.
  • Improved serviceability/efficiency—Simplified lock replacement with direct access. Escrow servicing without removing printer—Easy access to all components. 
  • Decreased labor costs—Larger coin canister means less frequent collections.
  • Interchangeability with Luke II. 
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