Go Mobile

Flexible Enforcement

Enable your operation to issue parking citations with a smaller initial hardware investment. In addition to your parking enforcement officers (PEOs), the app can be used by supervisors, police, and others who may only occasionally write parking citations.

Bring Your Own Device

Our Enforcement App is compatible with both Android and iOS, so you can choose the smartphone or tablet that works for your enforcement officers and best fits the needs of your operation. Developed to work on both operating systems, our Enforcement App has a look and feel that is great on any device.



  • Issue citations and include photos
  • Perform permit lookups
  • Monitor metered parking with the Check Payment feature for your Pay-by-Space, Pay-by-Plate or Pay-by-Cell integrations
  • Integrate with our private cloud in real time
  • Easily chalk tires with the ability to track tire valve locations
  • Use additional features such as Motorist Assistance and Stall Counts

Minimum Requirements

  • Internet connection to provide real-time operation
  • O’Neil Apex 3i printer


Eliminate the hassle associated with paper ticket books and have enforcement officers issue citations directly from their in-vehicle computers. eTicketbook also integrates seamlessly with AutoVu, Genetec’s LPR solution.

Retrieval of Vehicle Registration (RoVR)

Catch out-of-state scofflaw offenders by quickly locating the individuals responsible for unpaid parking tickets. RoVR’s interactive wizard does all the work of adding and updating customer, address, and vehicle records.


See It In Action

A member of our team can provide a live demo and walk you through our Enforcement solution from start to finish.

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