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Permit Management

Achieve Control and Flexibility

T2’s permit management solution gives you complete control of who is parking in your facilities and when and where they can park. You can set up, issue, track, and manage parking permits for individuals, groups, or properties. Plus, any unique identifier can be used as a virtual permit in our system if you choose not to provide physical permits, offering you ultimate flexibility.

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All-Seeing Parking Enforcement

T2’s enforcement solution manages your enforcement process from start to finish. Our private cloud is the epicenter of information from meters, LPR, and mobile payment systems. You’ll see everything, and real-time information is in your enforcement officers’ hands.

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Different Perspective, Tailored Solutions

T2 approaches PARCS differently. Our team of experts works to understand your organization’s business needs and configures a PARCS solution unique to your operation. We deliver the only web-based PARCS solution fully hosted in a PCI-DSS Level 1 environment.

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Multi-Space Pay Stations

The Ultimate Intelligence Platform

The combination of our Digital Multi-Space Pay Stations and our Digital Iris data intelligence platform provide the smartest, most comprehensive multi-space solution in the parking industry. Our pay stations are highly secure, flexible, and suitable for both on- and off-street deployments, and our intelligence platform delivers insight through interactive metrics, data visualization, and automated reporting.

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Business Intelligence

Turn Your Data Into Useful Information

T2 Analytics is a cutting-edge business intelligence and data visualization tool that will help you gain a fuller picture of your parking operation. With three powerful products in one, T2 Analytics pulls all your parking data together in one place to help you tell great data stories and support smart business decisions.

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Citation Services

Less Work and More Revenue

T2’s Citation Services is a full-service citation administration solution built for parking operations. Whether your focus is on increased revenue, operational efficiencies, or both, our comprehensive parking ticket management services deliver proven results.

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Event Parking

Raving Fans Drive Higher Profits

Improve revenue and audit control for sporting events, concerts, and expos with T2 Event Parking. Presell event parking permits online, and track occupancy and revenue in real time.

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