Concord Parking

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“We have made the leap to 100% virtual permits, and there is no going back.”

Marc Postlethwaite, Director, Parking Management


Concord Parking is a division of Paladin Security Group Ltd. headquartered in Burnaby, BC. Burnaby is near Vancouver and is the third largest city in British Columbia. The city is known for its majestic evergreen trees, stunning mountain views and excellent parking facilities, courtesy of Concord Parking! Concord provides innovative parking management services to many of the region's Class A shopping centers, office complexes, education facilities/institutions and municipalities.

Recognizing the rapid development of emerging License Plate Recognition (LPR) permit and enforcement technologies, Concord Parking made the decision in 2012 to embrace a business strategy incorporating a 100% virtual permit environment—basically, eliminating all use of permit hangtags and decals. Making the switch to 100% virtual, however, would require choosing the technology that would not only get Concord to where they needed to be, but would keep them at the forefront of parking technologies.


Many of Concord Parking's clients have parking facilities with stall counts in excess of 3,000 (with one client totaling 8,000 stalls!). Traditional methods of parking enforcement, where a single officer walks through a parking facility checking windshields for permits, was inefficient, ineffective and out of date.

For these large facilities, analysis of performance by on-foot patrollers highlighted the limited amount of enforcement coverage for large-scale parking facilities, especially if the parking areas were outdoors. In some instances, it would take more than a week for an enforcement officer to patrol every area of a parking facility. (Although, imagine the daily step counts the officer achieved).

The challenge for Concord Parking was to develop a management program for clients that overcame these obstacles. A truly effective, results-oriented and modern system was required. Less snail mail-like, more immediate and better for Concord's bottom line and their clients.


To achieve this commitment to a virtual/LPR permit business strategy, Concord has partnered with two of the parking industry's leading technology companies, T2 Systems and our mobile LPR technology partner Genetec.

Utilizing their ability to understand a client's operations and configure a solution that fully meets their needs by incorporating the best technologies, Concord Parking approached two key clients with a proposal to replace their existing employee hangtag and decal programs with virtual/LPR permits created through T2 Flex. Working with the most current permit registration lists from each client, Concord Parking managed an employee re-registration process that included updates to permit applications adding vehicle license plate information. Each client had over 3,000 current employee parking permits registered, but with effective advance communication to employees announcing the program change, the transition to virtual permits took less than four weeks.

With all employees now registered with virtual/LPR permits, Concord implemented a full Genetec mobile LPR enforcement program for each client, eliminating all on-foot enforcement.



As a result of the T2/Genetec partnership, Concord Parking manages 15,000 LPR permits through T2 Flex, six Genetec AutoVu enforcement vehicles and three facilities with Genetec fixed LPR cameras.

"We wanted to go to a completely LPR permit system, and we've been able to do that," said Marc Postlethwaite, Concord's Director of Parking Management. "Being totally LPR-based makes us unique in the parking industry."


Concord utilizes T2 Systems' Flex technology for permitting and for violation citations. Their Genetec AutoVu mobile LPR cars download valid license plate (permit) data from T2 Flex. This allows AutoVu to quickly scan and identify vehicles without valid permits. When a vehicle without a valid permit is identified, the parking officer issues a violation notice through their T2 mobile enforcement app. The T2 Flex/Genetec AutoVu enforcement program is easy to use, fast and accurate.


The technology activates and deactivates permits in real time, eliminating the lag times previously experienced when waiting on hangtags and decals to be issued. It also prevents permit abuse. "We can now enforce an 8,000 stall parking facility in just a few hours per day where it used to take more than a week," said Postlethwaite. "As a result, parking revenues for one of our clients increased by 200% 30 days after start up. Our clients are impressed with the results, and so are we."

Solutions used by Concord Parking