November 12 - 15

Orlando, FL — Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress

Complete Overview of Our Training Sessions

Note: Sessions are subject to change. Check back as we continue to add more sessions to the lineup!


APDS Data Standards

Updates and benefits of the new data standards.


Basic SQL with Flex

This session will teach you to perform advanced query functions in T2 Flex using SQL functions and clauses, pull custom field values, linking for tables that store data for more than one type of record and union, and intersect queries. Knowledge of Database Structures and basic SQL will be helpful for attending this session.


BOSS: Display Configuration, Payment, Connection and Receipt Options

This session will cover the steps involved to program the Intro/Exit message or image on your Luke II, configure the payment options of your pay station, and customize the receipts that your pay station will print after a transaction.


BOSS: Operating Modes, System Properties, and User Management

This session will introduce you to the various pay station operating modes and the advantages/disadvantages of each. In addition, we will cover some basic options to help organize your BOSS software and manage multiple user logins and their access rights/credentials.


BOSS: Rates

This session will uncover the various rate options available for your Luke II unit, as well as some examples of creative ways to use them. We will also look at blended and scheduled rates.


BOSS: Settings and Basic Machine Configuration

This session will introduce the basic concept of BOSS, how to create and manage Settings in the program, and the basic configuration options for your Luke II pay station.


Citation Collections - Mobilize Your Team for Maximum ROI

Don't leave uncollected citations sitting on the shelf collecting dust. See how Old Dominion University starts the collection process from the day a citation is issued and follows through to collection.


Citation Services Customer Portal

If you're a current Citation Collections Services customer, you don't want to miss this session. T2's Citation Services is releasing a customer portal that gives you direct access to our collection system with real-time information and reporting.


Consulting: Maximizing the Value of Your Solutions with T2 Consulting Services

Consulting Services seeks to understand your specific challenges with T2 solutions that will be alleviated through Consultant-recommended changes to configuration, settings, or the implementation of additional solutions/processes. T2 Consulting Services has helped a number of our customers resolve challenges through solution changes, implementations, and training. Join us for a discussion of examples of challenges that were resolved by T2 Consulting Services and hear how T2 Consulting can benefit your organization!


Consulting Services and Managed Services - Feedback and Discussion

This session is a follow-up to the individual Consulting Services and Managed Services informational sessions. We ask customers that have engaged Consulting and/or Managed Services, as well as those interested in either engagement, to attend. We welcome questions and feedback on how these offerings can and have benefitted your organization, as well as areas where we can continue to provide value.


Crystal Reports: Advanced Features

This session will provide an advanced level of Crystal Reports training and will cover linking multiple tables, determining what join types to use, applying parameters, creating formulas, and using SQL expressions to get custom field data.


Crystal Reports: Basic Database Structure

This session will provide a basic level of Crystal Reports training and will focus on how to connect Flex tables and views using the Data Dictionary and Entity Relationship Diagram. Topics covered will include Tables vs Views, Primary and Foreign Keys, Relationship Tables, and tables that link to multiple other tables.


Curb Management

What is it? And how can T2 help?


Doing What's Right, Not What's Easy: Ethical Leadership

When leadership is done right, the leader is a role model - someone who communicates the importance of ethical standards and holds their team accountable to those standards. Done poorly, leadership can negatively affect the productivity and well-being of individual team members and be detrimental to the reputation and success of the entire organization.

Anyone can be promoted into a management role, but how do you develop the skillset necessary to be an ethical leader? This session will clearly define the concepts and characteristics behind ethical leadership, why it matters, and offer practical ideas to help ensure your success.


Field Services App

What exactly is T2's new Field Services mobile app? See how Field Services is set up and used, as well as hear dialog around the practical uses of this new mobile app.


Five Reasons Parking Managers Love LPR

License plate recognition technology has matured from crazy to mainstream. Find out why parking managers are embracing the new way of doing things, and how they save effort when they do.


Flex: Appeals

Always a lively discussion of the best excuses ever heard! Set up Flex to follow your business practices – add appeal fees, escalate to 2nd and 3rd levels, apply results and send letters.


Flex: Asset Management

Asset Management is a pre-requisite for using the Field Services App. Learn how to use Flex to manage your assets and maintenance programs and track inventory and maintenance costs.


Flex: Cash Drawer Management

Learn to manage common financial transactions through Flex to maintain a clean audit trail. We will discuss split and partial payments, overpaid citations and refunds, reversing receipts, and posting overages and shortages to the cash drawer.


Flex: Citation Escalations and Accumulations

In an effort to drive change and collect quickly on citation fees, Flex offers both escalating fees and accumulating fees that are automatically added to citations based on a number of days that have passed since issuance or the number of violations received in a certain time frame. Learn how to configure Flex to meet your business needs.


Flex: Data Field Definitions

Did you know you could add your own fields to many Flex tables? This session will review what tables allow custom fields, adding custom fields, adding custom lookup tables, and using regular expressions and user-friendly values.  We will also discuss different way to utilize custom fields in your daily processes.


Flex: Event Management - Utilizing T2 Solutions to Manage Event Details

The Event Management solution in Flex contains all of the detailed information about your parking events. Utilizing the Event Management solution in FlexPort will allow your community to submit Event Details for you to review and approve. Parkers will be able to purchase permits prior to the event through FlexPort to make their arrival stress-free. Join us for a workshop exploring the configuration and process for setting up the Event Management solution, as well as the use cases from a range of implementations.


Flex: Financial Tables

Get the financial information you need by understanding the T2 Flex financial tables. We will review the structure of the main financial tables and discuss how they link to other tables as well as provide tips for writing accurate financial reports. This will be a technical session and knowledge of basic database structure, table joins, and reporting will be helpful in attending this session.


Flex: Letters and Email Management

Send letters and emails through T2 Flex and maintain a history of what was sent and when. We will cover on-demand, manual, email and batch task letters.


Flex: Payment Plans

Payment Plans can be internal or external. Whether the parking department is collecting from a customer that owes hundreds of dollars in citations in easy installments or customers are allowed to pay for their permit through a payroll deduction, you can easily track past due payments. Learn to set up a payment plan, transfer agencies, and payment schedule templates to manage payments.


Flex: Permit Configuration

How many Control Groups should I set up? What's the best way to prorate my fee schedule? Why is this number range still red? Join us and find out as we discuss permit configuration within Flex.


Flex: Permit Renewals

Let Flex handle your Permit Season with automated permit renewals. If you are issuing monthly permits that continue to be valid until the customer stops paying or granting parking privileges through LPR, this solution will notify the customer when the permit is about to expire and allow them to go online and make a payment to extend the expiration date without any interruption to their parking privileges. Learn how to set up the tasks to meet your business needs.


Flex: Query Manager

Navigate the easy-to-use wizard to find ANY information stored in Flex. Join tables, filter your criteria, export results, and understand common pitfalls in obtaining exactly what you need to know.


Flex: Reports 101 - Searches and Finder

Do you need a quick statistic to justify a purchase or prove an initiative is working? Or maybe information to evaluate staff performance or determine revenues? This is "must-have" training for the busy supervisor, manager, or administrator. Learn the quickest, easiest way to pull information from Flex using searches, Finder, and standard reports.


Flex: Task Scheduler

The Task Scheduler allows you to run processes on a schedule or in batch like sending letters, raising parking gates, importing customers or writing off old citations. Learn about what tasks are available, how to set parameters for common tasks, and how to resolve task errors.


Flex: Third Parties - Agents of Change

Third Party entities in Flex and FlexPort open a wide range of functionality and solutions for your organization. Third Parties can be used as agents for permit purchases and citation payments. Third Parties can drive the distribution and billing for validations for parkers in a PARCS environment. Third Parties also allow for contract billing for different groups affiliated with your university, city, or airport. Join us in a discussion about the various options for harnessing Third Party functionality for your operation.


Flex: Waitlists

Oh no, the lot is sold out and there are still people who want that permit. Let Flex manage your waitlists by allowing customers to add their own names to the list. Flex follows your rules on whether it is a first-come, first-served system or a lottery style where a name is pulled at random. No one gets to purchase that permit until you give them permission and that permission can come with a time restriction.


FlexPort: Add Custom Pages

Learn how to add an additional page to different workflows in FlexPort with a couple of simple setting changes in the Admin Console. We will go over basic setup as well as more advanced features such as displaying different pages for different types of users.


FlexPort: Admin Console

Reading, navigating, and understanding the FlexPort can seem like a daunting task—but it doesn't have to be! During this session, you will learn: how to easily navigate and better understand the settings, make simple changes—like the verbiage on your FlexPort site, impersonating a user for testing, exporting settings and more!


FlexPort: Approval Request — Implementing an Approval Review Process for Permit Purchases

Do you require submission of documents or forms prior to allowing parkers to purchase permits? Did you know that there is a solution to restricting permit purchases prior to the review of parkers' submissions by your parking staff? If you want to see this process in action and learn how you can implement this for your parking operation, join us for this session.


FlexPort: Bicycle Registration

If you require bicycles to be registered, why not let Flex store your bicycle information? Customers can register their bikes online, which connects it to them in Flex as a vehicle. You can even issue permits for easy identification.


FlexPort: Event Requests

Let your customers enter all the details of their events. All you have to do is approve it. This session covers how to configure FlexPort to collect the information you need.


FlexPort: Filters

Ever want to have FlexPort display information differently based on the "type" of end user? We'll discuss the different filters within FlexPort and how each one works. Everything from links that change how the site functions to students seeing separate messaging from staff. We'll cover it all!


FlexPort: Guest Authentication

This session will cover how to configure Flex and FlexPort to allow customers that are not affiliated with your organization or in your internal authentication system to create and log in to FlexPort accounts in order to buy permits and appeal citations.


FlexPort: Permit Allocations and Allotments

FlexPort Permit Allocation allows certain departments or businesses to manually manage a group of permits.  Features include reserving permits to specific users, purchasing on behalf of user and adding/removing users.  We will walk through the features and discuss real world uses.


FlexPort: Visitor Permit Requests

Allow authorized representatives to submit a request for parking privileges on behalf of their parkers.  Representatives specify a date, location, and the number of permits needed. Once approved, the requester gets a link to email to their participants. The permits can be paid for by the requester or by the individual who gets the permit.


Getting More Out of LPR: 10 Tips & Tricks to Optimize Your Solution

In this session, we will demonstrate best practices and additional functionality that increase parking enforcement efficiency, safety, and practicality. This is a learning opportunity for anyone looking for a deep dive into the Genetec AutoVu LPR solution.


How T2’s Technology Transformation Impacts You

Come learn how T2 is driving digital transformation of our products, engineering processes, and how we innovate and develop. We’ll discuss the internal journey T2 has been on over the last year, and what we’ve learned about building products, transforming our infrastructure and teams. We’ll also give you a sneak peak of where we’re going so you can get excited about your continued investment into T2 as a technology solution provider.


How to Get the Most Out of Conference Attendance

Attending professional conferences in an investment of your time and money. This presentation will focus on maximizing the return on your investment by offering tips and suggestions on getting the most out of your conference attendance. Developing a plan for what to do before the conference begins, while at the conference, and after the conference ends is critical to ensuring your time and money was well spent.


How to Retain Great Employees: What’s Your Company Culture?

As busy managers, we sometimes forget how important it is to tend to the culture within the organization. When this happens, we all suffer: Communication breaks down, resentments build, and employee turnover can skyrocket. This session will focus on how to create a work environment designed to retain good employees and develop others through motivating training, and coaching programs. Topics will include a broader understanding of how effective leadership shapes organizational value and the four cultures of employee retention.  


Industry Trends in Ticket Processing and Collections

A high level review of the parking industry inner office processes and collection trends.  Join us to review a successful organizations current business model. 


IPI’s Accredited Parking Organization (APO): Setting the Standard for Parking Organizations

An overview of the program and real-life experience from (LEXPARK) Lexington KY’s Parking Authority.


Iris: Collections, Maintenance, and Reports

This session will examine how to monitor your collections in Digital Iris, as well as how to monitor your pay stations’ performance. Finally, we will look at how to do reports in Digital Iris, including the new Scheduled Report feature.


Iris: Dashboard

This session will explore the Digital Iris dashboard in detail, highlighting the customizability of the platform to help you isolate the data that is most important to you and your organization. Learn how to create and manage widgets, organize the structure of your wall, and maximize the data visualization tools available.


Iris: Optional Features in Digital Iris

This session will guide you through some optional features that Digital Iris offers, such as Coupons, Custom/Campus Cards, and Extend By Phone. See how they work, and learn some practical examples of each!


Iris: Settings

This session will take you through the “Settings” interface of Digital Iris, covering such topics as Locations, Pay Station setup, Routes, Alerts, and User setup.



Come see how Loyola Marymount University is using LPR on campus to facilitate parking.


LPR – Current T2/Genetec Solution

This session is intended for any customers considering implementing LPR with an enforcement integration and/or LPR at the entry/exit of an ungated facility for tracking who enters and exits. This session will be focused on what is needed to assure the best possible implementation and user experience. 


Luke: Assembly and General Maintenance: Part 1

This session will introduce the general basics of how to navigate through the interior of the Luke II pay station, covering such components as the battery, solar/AC kits, V5 controller, LCD Screen, and Printer. Proper methods of maintenance, handling and cleaning of these components is covered as well.


Luke: Assembly and General Maintenance: Part 2

As a continuation of the previous General Maintenance module, this course will cover the payment devices of the Luke II pay station, including the credit card reader, bill acceptor, coin acceptor, coin escrow and shutter, and payment receptacles: the bill stacker and the coin canister.


Luke: Service Menu

This session will explore the options and procedures of the software side of the pay station: the Service Menu. Each screen will be examined with a thorough walkthrough, and examples of the printed reports shown.


Managed Services

This session will cover the new Managed Services offerings T2 is introducing. These services are designed to improve the T2 customer experience making T2 easier to work with and improve technical resource availability. The solutions are focused on reducing overhead, simplifying the sales process, improving scheduling, and becoming more proactive in how you configure and implement T2 products.


Mobile Enforcement App

T2 offers the Mobile Enforcement App for parking enforcement. The app enables your operation to issue parking citations in the field with an Android or iOS device. In this session we will cover the basics of issuing a citation as well as a number of other application features such as CheckPayment, Tire Chalking and Motorist Assistance Forms.


Modernizing the University Parking Environment

How the University of Colorado Boulder leveraged emerging technologies and process change to streamline operations, and improve the parker experience. Topics will include strategies proven to reduce appeals, simplify parking rules, optimize enforcement resources and improve your public image with a focus on technology integration and managing change for internal and external stakeholders.


Occupancy from a Strategic Point of View

How to use occupancy data to improve your operation, make more educated decisions, and better inform your parkers. 


PARCS: Barcode Ticket Solution for Series II

We’re pleased to announce that thermal barcode tickets are here for T2 Flex customers as an alternative to magstripe encoded tickets. We will be discussing the new hardware, retrofit kits, user flows and further barcode ticket roadmap.


PARCS: Cashier Station Configuration and Options

This session will cover the overall process of setting up and configuring a cashier station in Flex including system level settings, creating new POS groups, different charge type options and adding the cashier station to a facility.


PARCS: Equipment Maintenance

Keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency with these preventative maintenance tips, best practices and troubleshooting techniques.


PARCS: Fee Schedules

Learn how to create Fee Schedules in Flex, add them to facility transient pricing schedules and define how much transient parkers are charged for parking at different times/dates. Fee schedules allow your organization to control the rates based on occupancy availability and drive customer behavior.


PARCS: Monitoring System

Data, Buttons and colored-dots oh my. How to effectively use the monitoring system to maximize your day-to-day operation.


PARCS: Digital Signs

Let your customers know when the facility is full before they drive in. Learn to add signs in Flex and how to update messages.


PARCS: Validation Providers

Validation Providers are external organizations who provide parking for their customers. How do you set them up? How do they get access? How you get your money? 


ParkingSoft Agency Admin Portal

Let your tenants control their parking through the Agency Portal.


ParkingSoft Customer Portal

The portal for customer control of their parking destiny.


ParkingSoft Events and Valet

Control your entire operation in the palm of your hand!


ParkingSoft Reports

Learn how to report on all the activity in your parking operation that is important to you.


PermitDirect Portal

Are you using WWL to fulfill your permits? If so, you should be familiar with the T2 PermitDirect portal. See all your PermitDirect permits and layout IDs in one place. Additionally, view permits purchased and shipped including date, time and address. This is a great troubleshooting tool.


Product Roadmap: Citation Services

Join us and meet T2’s Citation Services Product & Management team! We'll have an in-depth discussion of all services offered and our newly released customer portal. 


Product Roadmap: Flex Product Line

2018 in review and a glimpse of what 2019 has to offer for Flex Permits and Enforcement, FlexPort and the Mobile Enforcement App.


Product Roadmap: LPR – Future T2 LPR Solution

We will discuss the direction of our LPR enforcement integration project, and demonstrate what has been completed thus far.


Product Roadmap: Occupancy

Come see what we’ve been up to with our occupancy services and what’s on the horizon.


Product Roadmap: PARCS – Integrating T2 and ParkingSoft

Let’s explore what’s in and out of the T2 PARCS product line (barcode ticket systems, cellular data connection, EMV, LPR, binary/variable message signs, Mobile Apps, etc.) with an overview of the short and long-term roadmaps for Series I, Series II and ParkingSoft Gen 2.


Product Roadmap: Pay Stations

In the Pay Stations Roadmap drill-down session we will explore what’s coming soon as well as our future plans for T2 Luke® pay stations, Iris, and related services. Come and join other members of the T2 Community in getting a sneak peek into the future, and participate in a Q&A with the T2 product managers responsible for these product lines.


Pay Station Placement

Ever wonder if there is a better way to locate Pay Stations in your lots or streets? This session will unveil options for Pay Station deployments that will maximize coverage while addressing the impact of mobile and commuter flows. Learn about strategies for introducing paid parking or converting from single space meters to pay stations.


Reframing the Parking Conversation

Tired of the negativity that surrounds the parking conversation? Find out how the University of Cincinnati has continuously increased satisfaction scores by reframing customer communication and engagement. Participate with your colleagues to collect even more ideas for improving the perception or your operation.


Re-Imagined Parking Program

The University of Delaware’s program structure remained the same as they embraced technology by implementing gateless garages, LPR, Virtual and auto-renewal permits. Additionally, multi-space meters and a parking app increased the available options for customers.


Roundtable Discussions

Join your colleagues for engaging conversation around the most pressing topics you face every day. Topics and groups include:

  • Large Universities (student population over 15,000)
  • Small Universities (student population under 15,000)
  • Municipal Parking Operations
  • Canadian Parking Operations
  • Enforcement
  • Carpool / Rideshare
  • FlexPort
  • Trending Technologies
  • Creative Uses for Flex
  • LPR
  • Annual Permit Alternatives
  • Citation Services


RoVR and DMV Processing

How to obtain registered owner information and connect with your local DMV. There are vendors available offering registered owner information to private facilities. Please join this session to learn more. 


T2 Analytics: Dashboards

T2 Analytics Dashboard offers a curated set of dashboards that are informative and easy to use. It was a hit with attendees at this year’s IPI conference. This session will walk you through some of the dashboards available while using features like filters, drill into and exports. Additionally, we will cover use of Pulse, the Machine Learning enhanced notification service which helps you keep tabs on your important KPIs.


T2 Analytics: Dashboard Designer

While T2 Analytics – Dashboard provides a suite of dashboards and widgets that visualize important KPIs, you might want to customize or even build your own versions. This session will walk you through the data model, creation of dashboards, exporting and sharing your templates and scheduling reports. We will also offer some useful tips based on our experience with the platform.


Product Roadmap: T2 Analytics - What’s Next?

Explore some of the cutting edge things that are possible with our analytics platform. In this session you will see how T2 Analytics can let you interact with your data using Amazon’s Alexa Assistant, use color changing smart bulbs to show status and leverage natural language processing within tools like Slack messaging.


T2 Analytics: Workroom

T2 Analytics – Workroom offers the most flexibility of any of our products. With its bring-your-own-data approach, you can do almost anything. This session will walk you through the design and maintenance of your own T2 Analytics Elasticube.  We’ll show you how to wire in some third-party data and link it up with the existing data model and share some best practices in data design.


T2 Community

Learn to navigate the T2 Community – get all your questions answered, network with others, track support cases, and suggest ideas all the while earning points you can redeem for T2 swag.


Tactical Communication: Dealing Effectively with Anger, Disrespect and “Off Topic” Dialog

Some of the most stress-provoking situations encountered at work involve interactions with angry, disrespectful customers. This session will discuss the importance of active listening and projecting empathy during difficult customer contacts. In addition, the presenter will review effective techniques intended to help you to direct the conversation back on topic.


Trends in Mobility

Changes in how people get around, and how they use technology to help, are disrupting parking infrastructure.  Pick-up and drop-off for ride hailing services, car sharing, carpooling, transit, shuttle services, and the technologies to support these new travel modes are changing the way people use parking facilities and what they expect from them.


UNO – Unified: T2 Systems and Virtual Technology

The University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) unified their operations with T2 products in 2017 with the addition of Flex, Enforcement, LPR, E-Ticket book, a pay to park mobile app integration and Luke II Stations. With these changes, UNO didn’t just improved operational process with streamlined technology, they also improved customer service and now provide more flexible permitting options for all who drive to campus. Walk through the steps, struggles and successes it took to get here.