Do Multi-Space Pay Stations Give You an Edge?

Post on April 18, 2016
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Multi-space parking pay stations have been around for decades. First gaining prominence in Europe with pay-and-display (P&D) solutions, they came to North America about 20 years ago, progressing beyond P&D to include new configurations such as pay-by-space and pay-by-plate.

Many technologies start to show a decline after this period of time, but multi-space pay station deployments continue to grow at even higher rates.

One of the largest drivers of this growth has been license-plate-enabled parking (LEP). This entails using the license plate as a standard credential to tie together paystation data with LPR technology, mobile enforcement solutions and “cloud-based” payment methods, such as pay-by-cell.

To learn more about how multi-space pay stations can give your parking operation an edge, view this article by Chris Chettle, T2’s EVP of Product and Manufacturing; and Michael Hamilton, T2’s Manager of Product Management. This article was published in the March 2016 issue of Parking Today Magazine.

Click here to view the article.