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Customer Advisory Board

Parking Industry Leaders

The T2 Customer Advisory Board (CAB) assists us by providing industry information, product and service input, feedback from other users, and taking an active role in the annual Connect Conference. The CAB consists of parking operation leaders from various markets and sizes with a wide range of experiences, all of which help ensure that we continue to understand our customers’ perspective and help them be successful. 

CAB members are some of the best-known parking professionals in the business and we are grateful to have them on board!


Melissa Yates, Current Chair
City of Boulder, CO

Josh Cantor, Current Vice Chair
George Mason University

Melinda Alonzo
Arizona State University

David Bradford
Colorado State University

Sheri Eggleton
Indiana University Board of Trustees

Michael Frizzell
Old Dominion University

Maria Irshad
City of Houston

Chris Iles

Brian Jones
The University of British Columbia


Chuck Landis
Duke University

Peter Lange
Texas A&M

Eric Lew

Gary Means, Chair 2015-2017
Lexington Fayette County Parking Authority

Cameron Nuefeld
University of Manitoba

John Prush
Michigan State University

Bobby Stone, Chair 2013-2015
University of Texas at Austin

Kendra Violet
University of Cincinnati